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Mack Hartford (Character)
from "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" (2007)

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"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Follow the Ranger (#1.9)" (2007)
Mack Hartford: Norg. That's an interesting name.
Norg: It's a family name. Yeah, it's short for "N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-rg."

Mack Hartford: You know, for being brothers, Moltor and Flurious don't seem to like each other.
Norg: Oh, no, they... Can't be quiet. No, they like each other very much. They call each other fun names. Flurious calls his brother "nitwit." And Mr. Moltor calls his brother a "wimpy." I think they like each other ever since Flurious smashed Mr. Moltor's little red sled. I love sleds!

Mack Hartford: Oh, I can't believe you fell for the old "go check on the prisoner while I steal the megazord out from under you" line. Flurious was right, you know. You are a nitwit.
Moltor: He told you that? I knew I couldn't trust him!
[Moltor runs off]
Norg: Oh! You made him mad. But now he might destroy us both.
Flurious: [walks in] Where's Moltor? I told him to check on the prisoner.
Mack Hartford: I thought you were the smart one. He's probably gathering Lava Lizards to ambush you.
Flurious: He wouldn't dare.
Mack Hartford: Well, you know, he did say something about payback. Um, something about a little red sled. And something about someone being a wimp I think it was?

Flurious: Off planning an ambush? What's with the Lava Lizards?
Moltor: What's with the Chillers? Planning on stealing the megazord?
Flurious: There's no way I... Wait a minute.
Flurious: [points at Mack] Did he say I said that? Because he told me you were planning on ambushing me!
Moltor: What?
Mack Hartford: Good cover, Flurious. I think he bought it. He is a wimp.
Moltor: I didn't say that!

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Out of Luck (#1.18)" (2007)
Rose Ortiz: You were hit square on by that compass's blast. Are you all right?
Mack Hartford: Well, I don't feel any different. What's the compass going do to me, right? I'm already bad at directions.

Mack Hartford: You can't beat me and my good-luck charms. I call upon all my luck! Coming at you!
[a boulder rolls over Mack]
Mack Hartford: What? NO!
Blothgaar: So much for your good-luck charms.
Mack Hartford: [stands back up] I'm okay. Calling on the luck of these smelly, old socks.
Ronny Robinson: [to Mack] Hey, watch it!

Mack Hartford: You guys look like you've been at a garage sale.
Rose Ortiz: And you look like a garage fell on you.
Mack Hartford: [nods] Close.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Kick Into Overdrive: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2007)
Andrew Hartford: Dad?
Andrew Hartford: Mack. You need to go home.
Mack Hartford: I *am* home. Technically, several hundred feet *below* my home.

Mack Hartford: Dad.
Andrew Hartford: Mack, you need to go home.
Mack Hartford: I am home. Technically several hundred feet below my home.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Kick Into Overdrive: Part 2 (#1.2)" (2007)
Andrew Hartford: Mack, what are you doing here?
Mack Hartford: Saving your butt?

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Pirate in Pink (#1.6)" (2007)
Mack Hartford: Okay, Brownbeard, you said you just wanted to hold it once, and you've done it. Now, we'll want the real Rose back.
Brownbeard: Fair enough.
[Brownbeard leaves Rose's body]
Rose Ortiz: Where am I? What happened? I feel so...dirty.
Brownbeard: Dir--?
Brownbeard: [sniffs] Sorry, but I haven't bathed for a few hundred years.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Once a Ranger: Part 2 (#1.21)" (2007)
Mack Hartford: What good's being a Power Ranger if you don't have any power?
Sentinel Knight: As long as you keep fighting for what's right, you'll always have power.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Crown and Punishment (#1.32)" (2007)
Andrew Hartford: Mack was never alive. He's a machine.
Sentinel Knight: A machine? He fought with heart! Yet you're telling me he has none? You must be mistaken. Pick the boy up!
[after they prop Mack up, the Sentinel Knight puts the crown on Mack's head. Mack wakes up]
Mack Hartford: What're you guys looking at?
Ronny: You.
[starts crying]
Ronny: You're alive! It's Mack!
Mack Hartford: Yeah, I'm alive. I can feel my heart racing a mile a minute.... Wait. I can feel my heart!
[gets up hugs his dad]
Mack Hartford: DAD I'VE GOT A HEART!

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: At All Cost (#1.7)" (2007)
Ronny: You know it's only a matter of time before you're going down. I've never lost.
Mack Hartford: Yeah, nor have I. Granted, I've only played Spencer, and that's not much to brag about.
Spencer: [coming from other room] I heard that.

Power Rangers: Super Legends (2007) (VG)
Operation Overdrive Black Ranger: Let's see what this stone's all about.
Operation Overdrive Red Ranger: I wonder how we can get it open.
[Black Ranger smashes treasure chest open with Drive Slammer]
Operation Overdrive Red Ranger: Whoa! Archaeologists are supposed to be careful.