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Frank Brodie (Character)
from Primal Force (1999) (TV)

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Primal Force (1999) (TV)
Frank Brodie: [the team has just encountered the first mutant baboon] Bet you won't see that in National Geographic.

Frank Brodie: [Kelsey is dragging a heavy suitcase alongside her] We leave everything here.
[throws it away]
Kelsey Cunningham: That is like a $1000 suitcase.
Frank Brodie: [shoots the suitcase into small pieces] Not any more.

Tara Matthews: [about the baboons] They're developing at an incredible rate, they're nearly Neanderthal.
Frank Brodie: I'd like to get out of here before they get cable.

Frank Brodie: [Talking about Tara's father, who created the baboons] We used to sit around on a night, having a cigar and a snort, liked to say if it ain't broke lets fix it anyways, what the hell... son of a bitch left me to live...

Frank Brodie: [about to go into the baboons caves to rescue Tara] Think its best I go in alone, if I don't make it, shoot anything that comes out of there
Scott Davis: How many you figure are in there?
Frank Brodie: Oh, more than two, less than a million
Scott Davis: [shurgs] Well like everything else on this island, I'll just figure on the worst and double it
Frank Brodie: [winking] Now your getting it...