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Sgt. MacDonald (Character)
from "Adam-12" (1968)

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"Adam-12: Keeping Tabs (#5.23)" (1973)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: It really wasn't that big of a caper. I know its embarrassing but the rest of the guys around here understand.
Sgt. MacDonald: You know Pete, I must have made that same speech to a dozen other cops whose sons were arrested, but I guess I won't be making it again. Somehow it isn't the same when it's your own boy.

Sgt. MacDonald: Whatever we did, he understood. It was natural.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: He's growing up, Mac.
Sgt. MacDonald: I know. I think that's where I've had the most trouble adjusting.

Sgt. MacDonald: I end up not wanting him to do anything, fearing he will make some kind of mistake.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: You know, when I was a kid I built one of those model ships. I worked on it every day after school. It was pretty detailed, exact rigging and built to scale. When I was done, I took it to a pond where we lived and I put it in the water. A gust of wind grabbed it and got it going too fast and sent it toward some rocks. So I ran around the pond and jerked it out of the water. I never sailed it again, I was afraid it was going to get damaged. I took it home and put it on a shelf in my bedroom. I never really enjoyed it again.
Sgt. MacDonald: This is a boy, not a model ship.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: I get the feeling that you're never going to be pleased with him until you let him succeed on his own terms, despite the risks, and he does.

"Adam-12: Log 14: SWAT (#2.14)" (1970)
Press Man: This man has already killed and wounded several people, are the police still going to try bringing him in, or just shoot him?
Sgt. MacDonald: We're going to do whatever it takes.
Press Man: If there's a decision to be made, who's going to make it?
Sgt. MacDonald: Only one person, that man on the roof.

"Adam-12: Capture (#6.9)" (1973)
Sgt. MacDonald: [after Wells shows up late, again] Wells.
Officer Ed Wells: Yeah, Mac?
Sgt. MacDonald: Tomorrow, when I come thru that door for roll call, the first thing I want to see is your face.
Officer Pete Malloy: Your a glutton for punishment, Mac.