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Ariel (Character)
from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996) (VG)

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Legacy of Kain: Defiance (2003) (VG)
Ariel: What manner of creature approaches?
Raziel: I know you well, Ariel, though you do not yet know me.
Ariel: I have no time for riddles, strange one.
Raziel: All you have is time. I have come to seek your guidance.
Ariel: I counsel only one man, and you are not he.

Ariel: He will do what he must when the time comes.
Raziel: By choosing his own death? A sacrifice for the world? You don't know Kain very well.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996) (VG)
Ariel: Nupraptor, your madness has shattered our dreams and blinded you...
Kain: Keep your distance or I'll send you back to Hell, spirit!
Ariel: There is nothing left of me to fear, vampire. I am only a shadow of my former self... Ariel, the Balance of the Circle of Nine. Even so, I can provide the answers you seek.
Kain: I seek only a cure.
Ariel: There is no cure for death. Only release. You must destroy the sorcery that is now poisoning Nosgoth. Only then will you realize peace.

[false ending]
Ariel: In his life, he was unknown... a petty noble. In death, he was unknown. Yet by choosing oblivion, he restored Balance to the land. Shades cast, no shadows.

Soul Reaver 2 (2001) (VG)
Ariel: Kain handed them their victory. They sought to topple the Pillars, and he was their willing instrument.

Ariel: Why do you hound me, demon? You can see that i am captive here. Show me some mercy.
Raziel: Like the mercy you showed your fellow Guardians when you set Kain on them? Or the mercy you showed Kain when you kept him ignorant of his destiny while you used him as the Scourge of the Circle? Or perhaps like the mercy you showed your beloved Nupraptor when you made him Kain's first kill?