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Alana (Character)
from The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008) (V)

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008) (V)
Andrina: OK, bedtime, outta my way.
[to Alana]
Andrina: Don't look now, but dinner exploded on your face.
Alana: [putting a face mask on] It's plankton extract and sea salt.
Andrina: [disgustedly] Pretty.
Alana: it rejuvenates the skin *and* it won't clog your pores.
Andrina: [plugs her nose and is disgusted] Ugh, whatever!
Alana: It's your face...
Arista: [floating into bed with a sleep mask on] Excuse me.
Aquata: [noticing Arista wearing her sleep mask] Uh, is that my mask?
Arista: [has the mask on] Nope.
[Aquata yanks it off her]
Aquata: It's got my initial on it!
Arista: It does?
Attina: All of our names start with "A", Aquata.
Aquata: [sees Arista stealing her brush] Oh! My brush?
Arista: I was gonna talk to you about that...
Aquata: [sees her blue shell top] My lucky seashells?
Arista: They're not very lucky.
Aquata: [gasps and sees her favourite soft toy under her bed] Mr Fuzzyfinkle!
Arista: He's so cute! Look at that, he likes me!
Aquata: [sees her pillow] AND my pillow?
Arista: Yeah, that's for Mr Fuzzyfinkle.
Aquata: [snatches it off Arista] Nice try!
Arista: [tugging it from Aquata] Give it back!
Aquata: [tugging on the pillow] Arista, you always do this! It's my stuff!
Andrina: [watching the girls argue] Finally, some entertainment!