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Great Prince Of The Forest (Character)
from Bambi II (2006)

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Bambi II (2006)
The Great Prince: Run, Bambi! Go, now!

[First lines]
Bambi: Mother! Mother! Moth...
The Great Prince: Your mother can't be with you anymore. Come.

The Great Prince: A prince does not say "Woo-hoo."

Bambi: She's not coming back, is she?
The Great Prince: No.

Bambi: It was mother. I heard her voice.
The Great Prince: That was one of Man's tricks!
Bambi: But I thought...
The Great Prince: What if I didn't come in time? When I tell you to run, you run! Never freeze like that again, ever!
Bambi: I'm... I'm sorry.

The Great Prince: Did you jump?
Bambi: Uh, yeah.
The Great Prince: I didn't make a jump like that until I had antlers.

[Last lines]
Bambi: I didn't even know this place was here.
The Great Prince: Beautiful, isn't it? This... this is where I met your mother.
Bambi: Really?
The Great Prince: Yes. I was just about your age.
Bambi: What were you like?
The Great Prince: Me? Let me think... Actually, I was a lot like you.

The Great Prince: I think it's best to leave the past in the past. A Prince does not look back. Only ahead.

The Great Prince: Everything must get rest, Bambi.
The Great Prince: Some at night, some during the day...
[grumbling slightly]
The Great Prince: ... some not at all.

The Great Prince: [yawns and grumbles] Remind me to never let you eat blossoms before bedtime.

Bambi: [trying to master his dad's advice, he walks along with his eyes closed] Feel the forest. Feel the forest.
The Great Prince: [seeing where Bambi is going] Bambi!
Bambi: Feel the - OOF!
[walks headfirst into a tree]
Bambi: Heh, heh. Felt it.

The Great Prince: Bambi, a prince does not...
Bambi: That's all you care about! Not about me!
The Great Prince: Don't you speak to me...
Bambi: [running off] I wish Mother was here instead of you!

The Great Prince: Friend Owl.
Owl: Excuse me, sir, I hope I'm not intruding but... well... I just had to come.
[Looks at Bambi]
Owl: Poor little fella. So young to be without his mother. Well, if I can be of any help...
[starts to fly away]

The Great Prince: Wait. I could use your help - find me a suitable doe to raise Bambi.
Owl: Oh, yes, of course.
Owl: Eh, food's so scarce, does can barely feed themselves. Uh, perhaps you could...?

The Great Prince: Me? You know as well as I do - a Prince looks after the herd, does care for the young.
Owl: But you are his father, and circumstances being what they are...

The Great Prince: [looks up, sighs] Until Spring.
Owl: Oh, excellent. After all: who better to raise the Young Prince than the Great Prince himself!
[flies away]

The Great Prince: Bambi, a prince awakens before the forest does. If you are late again, I shall have no choice but to...
[Bambi's stomach gurgles]
The Great Prince: What was that?
Bambi: What was what?
[his stomach gurgles again, and he laughs nervously]
Bambi: I guess it was my stomach.
The Great Prince: Then you should eat.
[Bambi pauses confused]
The Great Prince: Oh, well, I suppose I should find you something to eat.
[the prince digs up some snow revealing a nearly dead plant]
Bambi: Ehh. No thank you.
The Great Prince: Have you ever tried it?
Bambi: Well, no.
The Great Prince: Then how do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?