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Matthew Cooper (Character)
from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993)

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"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Sully's Choice (#2.10)" (1993)
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: [Brian and Matthew are doing chores] Brian.
Brian Cooper: It's Ma!
Matthew Cooper: Colleen!
Colleen Cooper: So glad you're back.
Brian Cooper: I missed you.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I missed all of you too.
Byron Sully: [Sully comes out of the house with a wide grin. Dr Mike and Sully lock glances. Sully comes toward Dr Mike] Welcome Home
[They hug and kiss]
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Feels good to be here.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: How did you all get along without me?
Colleen Cooper: We managed.
[Sully rolls his eyes]
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Did I miss anything?
Matthew Cooper: [with a smirk] Nothin' much.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Did Sully take good care of you?
Brian Cooper: Sure did!
Byron Sully: [Smiling] They took good care of me too.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Happy Birthday (#1.11)" (1993)
Matthew Cooper: Sully... Listen about what Brian said. That stuff about bein' our Pa...
Byron Sully: Nah I know Brian misses his Pa. I gotta make up my own mind about things.
Matthew Cooper: You'll come to the party at least?
Byron Sully: I don't know yet.
Matthew Cooper: Sully, I thought that you and Dr Mike were friends... Best Friends. I know that I would want my best friend to come to my birthday party.
Byron Sully: Matthew it is a little more complicated than that.
Matthew Cooper: No it's not! I'm sayin' if you wait too long she's liable to find a new best friend.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Where the Heart Is: Part 1 (#2.6)" (1993)
Matthew Cooper: Well... this is the only suit I *have* and the pants are high water on me.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Fifi's First Christmas (#4.12)" (1995)
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I wish mother would have asked before sending us a dog.
Byron Sully: Then it wouldn't been a surprise.
Coleen Cooper: I still can't believe how small it is.
Matthew Cooper: Sure not a tracker or a herder. What do suppose its good for?
Byron Sully: Bait!

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Thanksgiving (#3.10)" (1994)
Matthew Cooper: Ya alright?
Byron Sully: Sure am glad to see you.
Matthew Cooper: I's just thinkin' the same thing.