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Vincent (Character)
from "Eureka" (2006)

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"Eureka: Alienated (#1.4)" (2006)
Vincent: [during movie night at Spencer's] Patience, heathens.

"Eureka: In Too Deep (#5.8)" (2012)
Vincent: [as 'Virtual Vincent'] At this moment, you'll get a remarkable view of the famous Archimedes Trench; but you wouldn't want to take a plunge into that abyss, that thing... is *crazy deep*!

"Eureka: Up in the Air (#4.14)" (2011)
Sheriff Jack Carter: [Answering phone] Hey, Andy, let me guess. There's a quantum, run-away, something-or-other.
Sheriff Jack Carter: Somebody did what?
Sheriff Jack Carter: I'll be right there.
[hangs up phone]
Sheriff Jack Carter: Somebody robbed a BANK!
[runs out of Cafe Diem]
Sheriff Jack Carter: YEEEAAAHHH!
Vincent: Should he really be happy about that?
Sheriff Jack Carter: [Walking down the street] No blob, no wormhole, just a good, old-fashioned bank robbery!
Deputy Andy 2.0: You seem down right perky, boss.
Sheriff Jack Carter: Yeah! We're gonna take fingerprints! We're going to do tire impressions! We're going to interview...
[sees an emtpy lot where the bank was]
Sheriff Jack Carter: ... witnesses. Uh, Andy?
Deputy Andy 2.0: Yeah, boss?
Sheriff Jack Carter: You said there was a bank robbery.
Deputy Andy 2.0: Yep, someone took it last night.
Sheriff Jack Carter: Of course they did.