Jarrod Barkley
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Jarrod Barkley (Character)
from "The Big Valley" (1965)

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"The Big Valley: The Battle of Mineral Springs (#4.21)" (1969)
Jarrod Barkley: How was yours?
Victoria Barkley: Awful. But at least the portions were small.

Victoria Barkley: Pay the lady before she remembers to charge us for the salt and pepper.
Janie: Oh no, ma'am, that comes with the meal.
Jarrod Barkley: And it was the best part of it. Young lady, I hope you will have the decency to use some of your ill-gotten gains to buy your cook a cookbook.

Crawford: You can't arrest me!
Jarrod Barkley: Oh, can't I? Take a look at that.
Crawford: Now, that's a U.S. Deputy's badge.
Jarrod Barkley: My, what good eyes you have, Grandma.

"The Big Valley: A Flock of Trouble (#3.3)" (1967)
Jarrod Barkley: Nick, did you have to drive those sheep right down the middle of the street?
Nick Barkley: Yes.
Jarrod Barkley: Why?
Nick Barkley: It's against the law to drive 'em down the sidewalk.

Jarrod Barkley: All right, Nick, you've got pride. Now that's just fine. But you're about to take on this entire valley. Do you think you're big enough?
Nick Barkley: Might be interesting to find out.
Jarrod Barkley: Nick, this is no joke!
Nick Barkley: Do you see me laughin'? I hate those mangy sheep with their ugly, short legs! I can't breathe when I'm down wind of 'em!
Jarrod Barkley: Then why keep them?
Nick Barkley: Because they're mine!

Nick Barkley: Where is Josiah?
Jarrod Barkley: I don't know, but the sheep are gone.
Nick Barkley: I finally meet a man as stubborn and as stupid as I am.
Jarrod Barkley: Hey, wait a minute. Where do you think you're going?
Nick Barkley: I know, I know. The law should take care of this. Well maybe the law can take care of Josiah's buryin'.
Jarrod Barkley: Now listen. You keep talking like that and we won't even offer to come with you.
Nick Barkley: One fool's enough in any family!

"The Big Valley: They Called Her Delilah (#4.2)" (1968)
Audra Barkley: Jarrod, how could someone do that - turn on their own people?
Jarrod Barkley: There have been spies as long as there have been wars, Audra.
Audra Barkley: But she was born and raised in the North. She wasn't a spy - she was a traitor!

Worth Parker: Lawyers turn down cases. Nobody's making you defend her.
Jarrod Barkley: That's true.
Worth Parker: Well, why then?
Jarrod Barkley: If I thought it was any of your business, Worth, I'd have consulted you before I took the case. As it is, you're right - no one is making me defend Julia Saxon... and no one is going to make me not defend her, either.

"The Big Valley: The Secret (#4.15)" (1969)
Heath Barkley: [an unconscious Nick has just been dumped out of a wagon back at the Barkley ranch] Nick? Nick, are you hurt?
Nick Barkley: How'd I get here?
Heath Barkley: Somebody just delivered you in a wagon.
Nick Barkley: Adam Howard.
Heath Barkley: Looks like that talk didn't work out.
Nick Barkley: We didn't talk! Anyway, it's all right with me. I'm through talkin' anyway. Gonna get them cattle to water.
Heath Barkley: Think you're gonna get through that fence?
Nick Barkley: That's what I think.
Heath Barkley: Just like that?
Nick Barkley: Just like that. The cattle and the men are all ready to go. You going with us or not?
Heath Barkley: Nick, that's big trouble.
Nick Barkley: Then stay here!
Heath Barkley: I'll get saddled.
Nick Barkley: C'mon
[Nick leads his horse over to the trough so he can clean up]
Jarrod Barkley: [Jarrod rides in and sees Nick] What happened to you?
Nick Barkley: Your friend Howard is what happened to me.
Jarrod Barkley: I told you to stay away from him!
Nick Barkley: I know what you told me! But I've got a whole herd of thirsting cattle out there! And for your information, I'm taking them on to the Brady's Creek!
Jarrod Barkley: Then I trust you've made arrangements at the local funeral parlor.
Nick Barkley: No more talk! We tried it your way, Jarrod! We tried it! It did not work!
Jarrod Barkley: Now you listen to me, Nick! What you're planning to do is wrong. Dead wrong! And if you think I'm going to let that hard head of yours get you killed, you've got another think coming.
[Jarrod moves to take Nick's horse away]
Nick Barkley: Wait! Wait a minute, Jarrod. Will you wait a minute?
[Nick takes the reins of his horse and then spins around hitting Jarrod, knocking him out]
Nick Barkley: I'm uh sorry, big brother.

"The Big Valley: Cage of Eagles (#2.30)" (1967)
Nick Barkley: Oh, will you two clear out of here? I'm trying to tame this bird and I'm not getting any help from you.
Jarrod Barkley: You're not getting any help from the bird, either.

"The Big Valley: Down Shadow Street (#2.19)" (1967)
Nick Barkley: What, me pick up a check for a prosperous lawyer? I wouldn't humiliate you!
Jarrod Barkley: I wouldn't dream of denying you the opportunity!

"The Big Valley: Palms of Glory (#1.1)" (1965)
Nick Barkley: [Nick telling story to a group of men] I tried to run for cover, but these claws were ripping right into my back and the teeth were hitting my neck. I've been up against some cats before.
Abner Wirth: How did you get out?
Jarrod Barkley: Her husband came home.

"The Big Valley: The Iron Box (#2.11)" (1966)
Jarrod Barkley: How did it happen?
Nick Barkley: [referring to Heath Barkley] For one thing, a burned leg. No doctor to attend it. They won't give him any good food so he can get his strength back. And they whipped him.

"The Big Valley: Forty Rifles (#1.2)" (1965)
[Nick has just countermanded one of Heath's orders]
Jarrod Barkley: Nick, you just chopped his legs off at the knees.
Nick Barkley: I'd have done it to you and you'd have done it to me!
Jarrod Barkley: Nick, it's not the same.
Nick Barkley: We're all Barkley's aren't we?
Jarrod Barkley: We were born to the name, Nick, that gives us immunity.

"The Big Valley: Image of Yesterday (#2.17)" (1967)
Jarrod Barkley: I can't wait to get to Brownsville and cut some of this dust off.
Nick Barkley: I figured you'd be pretty used to it. You get enough dust in all those law books of yours.
Jarrod Barkley: Oh, is that so?
Nick Barkley: Mm-hmm.
Jarrod Barkley: Well then, brother Nick, maybe you'd like to negotiate the contract for this herd.
Nick Barkley: Oh, no no no, I find my spelling pretty dusty, too.

"The Big Valley: Point and Counterpoint (#4.26)" (1969)
Jarrod Barkley: I've been doing a little thinking since I had that talk with Nick about the hard practicalities of politics - all the compromises - the really hard facts I hadn't thought about. I just decided I wasn't a policitican after all. I'm a lawyer.