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Eden Lord (Character)
from "Nip/Tuck" (2003)

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"Nip/Tuck: Dr. Joshua Lee (#5.7)" (2007)
Eden Lord: We're done here. This was a 'get it out of our system' screw. Don't feel bad. After-sex clinginess happens all the time, especially with older guys.
Dr. Sean McNamara: Are you saying there's no chemistry here?
Eden Lord: I like having sex with older men. It's a Daddy thing, and you're hot for your age. You're even hotter because you used to screw the chick that's screwing my Mom. But I don't date guys with gray pubes
[smiles dismissively]
Dr. Sean McNamara: [looks down at himself forlornly]

"Nip/Tuck: Lulu Grandiron (#5.12)" (2008)
Dr. Sean McNamara: [after wistfully observing her bare back as she slipped on her robe] How are you feeling?
Eden Lord: If I say I feel like crap, will you let me stay here longer? I can't do another porn, Sean.
Dr. Sean McNamara: You don't have to.
[hands her a big manila envelope ]
Dr. Sean McNamara: This is your contract with Penetrate. Tear it up.
Eden Lord: [looks at him in appreciation, then scoffs at the document] Did you steal this?
Dr. Sean McNamara: No. I just talked to Ram, and he feels the same way I do, that you don't belong in that business.
Eden Lord: Oh, Sean. Is that your way of saying you love me like I love you?
Dr. Sean McNamara: It doesn't matter how I feel. This can't happen. No-one would allow it. You're eighteen, I'm old enough to be your father. Our families would hate us, and business would take a dive, we'd be pariahs.
Eden Lord: I don't give a shit about any of that. I don't... I don't care!