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HK-47 (Character)
from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) (VG)

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) (VG)
HK-47: You are a very harsh master, master. I like you.

HK-47: Shall I blast him now, master?

[Speaking with a Jawa who refers to 'Ghosts in the desert']
HK-47: Explanation: two per cent probability that the miniature organic is simply looking for trouble and needs to be blasted. That may be wishful thinking on my part, master.

HK-47: Can I break his neck now master? It's been a long time fantasy of mine...
Revan Shan: Maybe later...
HK-47: Did you hear that meatbag? "I'LL BE BACK!"
Yuka Laka: Err, well... ah...

Mercenary: There's something out there... it got the other submersible already.
HK-47: Suggestion: Perhaps we could dismember the organic? It would make it easier for transport to the surface.
Mercenary: Hey! Y-you... you can't rip me to pieces! I'll die!
HK-47: Amendment: I did forget that. Stupid, frail, non-compartmentalized meatbags!

HK-47: Commentary: I say we blast the meatbag and save you the trouble, master.
Tanis Venn: What's with all the droids, lately? My wife get to you too?
HK-47: Negative. I just don't like organic meatbags. Except for the master, of course.

HK-47: Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master.
Revan: You don't need to call me master, you know.
HK-47: Query: Don't I? I was under the assumption that organic meatbags such as yourself enjoyed such forms of address.
Revan: "Organic meatbags"?
HK-47: Retraction: Did I say that out loud? I apologize, master. While you are a meatbag, I suppose I should not call you as such.
Revan: You just called me a meatbag again!
HK-47: Explanation: It's just that... you have all these squisy parts, master. And all that water! How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad, I have no idea...
Revan: Neither do I, come to think of it...
HK-47: Statement: Now do you understand the travails of my existence, master? Surely it does not compare to your existence, but still...
Revan: I survive. Somehow.
HK-47: Commentary: As do I. It is our lot in life, I suppose, master. Shall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves up?

Revan: I don't think "killee" is a word...
HK-47: Exclamation: Damn it, master! I am an assassination droid, not a dictionary!

Revan: You are eager to find your origins, aren't you?
HK-47: Query: Wouldn't you be, master? Here I am, surrounded by all these meatbags, and all I desire is true perfection. Surely there are other droids like me out there, or is that too much to hope?
Revan: Well...

Revan: You are just a travelling piece of bad luck, aren't you?
HK-47: Objection: Master, that is so unfair! Have I not brought you a great deal of satisfaction?
Revan: You don't want to hear the answer to that.
HK-47: Statement: You are a very harsh master, master. I like you.

HK-47: Affirmation: Correct, master. Sith protocols maintain that all droid knowledge be deleted before assassination missions, and restored upon return.