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Jigsaw (Character)
from Punisher: War Zone (2008)

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Punisher: War Zone (2008)
Jigsaw: [from trailer] Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Pittsy: He didn't mean anything by it, sometimes he opens his mouth without thinking. Sorry about that, Billy.
Jigsaw: Billy is dead. From now on... you call me Jigsaw.

Loony Bin Jim: That was fun... Now, let's go kill Castle in his miserable hole.
Jigsaw: No, not yet. We're gonna have ourselves a little bit of fun with this. Next time he has to face us and a fucking army.
Loony Bin Jim: Where do we get the army from?
Jigsaw: Just like Uncle Sam, bro. We recruit in troubled neighborhoods. Offer a hundred grand towards a college education they're never gonna see and promise nobody ever has to go to Iraq.
Loony Bin Jim: Just as long as I get to kill Castle.
Jigsaw: Don't worry, brother, you will. Just making damn sure this time he don't come back breathin'.

Jigsaw: [Jigsaw's recruitment speech] Whoa, gentlemen, gentlemen. Relax. We're lookin' for, uh, a few good men. And we'd like to offer you the opportunity to be... all that you can be. Now we've all suffered loss at the hands of the Punisher. And because we don't look like everybody else, and because we don't act like everybody else, nobody does a goddamn thing about it! Well I say he ain't the only one who can take the law into his own hands. So if you're as sick of this cocksucker as I am, raise your armies. You'll be well paid, you'll be well armed, and at the end of it, the Punisher will be dead!

Jigsaw: On three. One... two...
Frank Castle: [aims at Micro's head] You won't feel a thing, Micro.
Jigsaw: ...three!
[Castle turns and shoots Loony Bin Jim in the head]

Loony Bin Jim: Billy?
Jigsaw: [choking up] Just when I think I'm okay... I catch my reflection in the mirror. Look what he's done to me! I'm horrible, horrible...
Loony Bin Jim: No, no, no, no...
[hugs him]
Loony Bin Jim: Don't cry, brother. I promise you two things: one, I will kill Castle, slowly, and painfully. And two, you will never have to look at your reflection as long as you're with me.
[Jim runs wildly around the hallway, smashing all the mirrors. Jigsaw starts laughing]