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Nam-Ek (Character)
from "Smallville" (2001)

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"Smallville: Arrival (#5.1)" (2005)
Clark Kent: [Super-speeds into Lex's study and Nam-Ek and Aethyr turn to face him] I heard you were looking for me. I'm Kal-El.
Nam-Ek: At last.
Clark Kent: Who are you?
Aethyr: The last survivors of Krypton.
Clark Kent: What do you want?
Nam-Ek: We want you to join with us, Kal-El, and help us make this savage land our utopia.
Clark Kent: I saw what you did at the hospital. It's not utopia. It's MURDER.
Nam-Ek: The few must be sacrificed for the sake of the many.
Clark Kent: Then sacrifice me, because I'm not going to let you kill anyone else.
Aethyr: If that is your decision. So be it, Kal-El.
[Aethyr releases the key to the Phantom Zone on Clark]