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Tonto (Character)
from The Lone Ranger (2013)

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The Lone Ranger (2013)
[from trailer]
Tonto: People think you are dead. Better you stay that way.
John Reid: You want me to wear a mask?
Tonto: There come a time, when good man must wear mask.

[from trailer]
John Reid: Why're you taking to that horse? Why am I covered in dirt?
Tonto: I buried you.
John Reid: Why am I alive?

[from trailer]
John Reid: If we ride together, we ride for justice.
Tonto: Justice is what I seek, Kemosabe.

[from trailer]
Tonto: [to Reid] Eight men rode into canyon... I dug seven graves. Horse says, you are spirit walker: a man who has been to the other side and returned, a man who cannot be killed at all...

[from trailer]
[Silver climbs on a tree branch]
Tonto: Something very wrong with that horse.

[from trailer]
Tonto: Horse says you are a spirit walker. A man who's been to the other side and returned. A man who cannot be killed in battle.

Frank: [as Tonto and John are running down on top of a moving train, they run into Frank at gunpoint] Going somewhere?
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: [with chained hands in the air & connected to Tonto] No.
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: No.
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: No.
Frank: [shouting] Shut up!
Tonto: [after a pause, Tonto see a mail hook approaching] Yes.
[the mail hook snags John's chains and hauls him and Tonto off]

Tonto: Nice Shot.
John Reid: That was supposed to be a warning shot.
Tonto: In that case, not so good.

[last lines]
John Reid: Hi ho Silver, away!
Tonto: Don't ever do that again.
John Reid: Sorry.

Tonto: Bad trade.
Tonto: [tosses Cole back the watch he gave Tonto as a child]
Latham Cole: [Last Lines] Bad... Trade?
[Recognizes Tonto moments before his death]

Tonto: [translating "kemo sabe"] Wrong brother.

Tonto: [to Will, the boy dressed as The Lone Ranger] Never take off the mask.

John Reid: [Silver has appeared on a rooftop to save them] The horse can fly?
Tonto: Don't be stupid.

Tonto: [Scorpions covering Tonto and Reid] Nature is definitely...
John Reid: ...out of balance.

Tonto: [trying to get Reid to kill Cavendish] Wendigo cut out brother's heart... where is brother's justice?
John Reid: I'm not a savage!
Tonto: You are not a man.

Dan Reid: What's your crime boy?
Tonto: Indian!

Will: Wait a minute! You're saying you're Tonto? The Tonto?
Tonto: There is another?

John Reid: Where did you get that?
Tonto: Make trade.
John Reid: With a dead man?
Tonto: Hard bargain.

John Reid: [On top of the train] That's the end of the line.
Tonto: We jump.
John Reid: What about the passengers?
Tonto: They jump.
John Reid: There are children on board!
Tonto: All jump.

Tonto: My name come up?

John Reid: [after getting shot with an arrow] I thought you said I couldn't get shot.
Tonto: No. I said you cannot be killed.

"The Lone Ranger: Trouble for Tonto (#1.45)" (1950)
Tonto: You not be afraid. Sometimes, mask hide face of good friend.

Tonto: [posing as Black Eagle] It better you not hit him. Him plenty weak from journey.
Buck Fargo: What's the matter, redskin? Are you gettin' soft for the boy?
Tonto: Boy mean nothing to me, but him no good to you if him dead or hurt.

Tonto: [posing as Black Eagle] You be quiet. Listen to big boss.
Buck Fargo: That's right, Black Eagle. Don't let him forget who is boss.

Finch Curston: The Lone Ranger?
Tonto: You'll never get him.
Buck Fargo: With you as bait, Indian, you know he'd do anything to save your life. Even take orders from ME.

Glenn Baxter: Hey, where are you going?
Tonto: Plenty big jobs ahead. West full of Buck Fargos. We look for more.
The Lone Ranger: Yes, Glenn. Our work isn't done until all of the Buck Fargos are behind bars. Adios.

"The Lone Ranger: Never Say Die (#1.30)" (1950)
Johnny Sears: I'm sorry you risked your life to save me. Now we're both going to die.
Tonto: You give up plenty easy. We not dead yet.
Johnny Sears: We're as good as dead. I wish he'd do it now and get it over with.
Tonto: What if someone on the way to rescue us?
Johnny Sears: Who? Nobody could find us here.
Tonto: Friend of Tonto maybe find us.
Johnny Sears: You mean the masked man Cavendish was talking about?
Tonto: That right.
Johnny Sears: Oh, what's the use. Even he did get here in time he'd be trapped same as you.
Tonto: You not be too sure. Him never say die.
Johnny Sears: You mean you really think there's a chance for us?
Tonto: There's always a chance if you not give up.

Warden Sears: The most important thing to me is that you saved my boy's life and for that I can never repay you
Tonto: We not work for pay. We work for justice.
The Lone Ranger: He's right, warden, and justice needs no pay.

Butch Cavendish: Oh, I get it. The masked man. Still thinking about him, huh? He's gonna pull a miracle, sneak in just in the nick of time.
Tonto: Him come if him can.
Butch Cavendish: From out of nowhere, I suppose?
Tonto: That right. From out of nowhere.

Tonto: Word come through to town Butch Cavendish break jail.
The Lone Ranger: Cavendish? Our worst enemy.

Butch Cavendish: Still doing alright, kid?
Tonto: You not forget what I tell you. Never say die.
Butch Cavendish: That's good advice, Injun. Too bad you can't take it.

The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
Second chief: [Tonto has brought a wounded John Reid to the Indian camp, where he can hide from Butch Cavendish] ... The Palefaces make many promises to us, yet they keep only one: they promise to take our land, and they take it. And now you bring one of them here, to be nursed back to health? Tonto, why?
Tonto: No one has greater cause than I to fill his heart with hatred for the White Man. He has taken my wife and my child from me. But the Paleface I have brought here today is my brother, and I will guard his life with my own if it comes to such. If I am wrong about him - if he proves to be an enemy - then I, Tonto, will decorate my lance with this White Man's hair. But until that day comes - UNLESS it comes - let him be judged not by his skin, but by his heart.

[Having just thanked the Lone Ranger for saving his life, Grant now turns to Tonto]
President Ulysses S. Grant: And how can I thank you?
Tonto: You can thank me by honoring your treaties with my people.
President Ulysses S. Grant: We will try.

Tonto: Repay me by honoring your treaties with my people.
President Ulysses S. Grant: Yes, we will TRY, you have my word.

Tonto: The day may not be many winter counts away when all men will be brothers. A new Indian nation will come out of this time of change. Strong. Proud. United.
John Reid: Well then, let brother ride with brother.

[first lines]
First Scalphunter: You got him! You got him!
Young John Reid: Shh, sit down. Get down!
Young Tonto: Leave me alone!
First Scalphunter: You ain't never gonna find that little redskin.
Second Scalphunter: When I do, I'm gonna scalp him.
Young John Reid: [whispering] Go. It's alright. Come on.
Second Scalphunter: The little injun's somewhere.
Young John Reid: [whispering] Get down.
First Scalphunter: They're at the Reid place. Come on, we're missin' it.
Young John Reid: The ranch. The ranch! Dad! Ma! Dad!

"The Lone Ranger: Ghost Canyon (#5.16)" (1956)
Tonto: You call us savages? That very funny.

Tonto: Him make trouble for his tribe. Him a fool.
The Lone Ranger: A fool or a rascal. I don't think a fool.

Tonto: He was dead when I got here.
Willy Moon: Not -after- you got here?

Chief Imbray: They killed my son. You must say so to the government.
The Lone Ranger: I am sorry, Chief Imbray. I cannot say about any man, "These are the murderers," unless I can prove it.
Willy Moon: You cannot say that about white men, you mean. But you can blacken my name easily enough because I am an Indian.
Chief Imbray: You are right, Willy Moon.
Tonto: No. I am an Indian and his friend.

"The Lone Ranger: Six-Gun Sanctuary (#4.6)" (1954)
Whittaker: Got any money? Big money I'm talking about.
Tonto: Maybe yes and maybe no.
Whittaker: Cagey cuss, aren't you? Well, here's the deal, town is wide open for outlaws. You can stay as long as you want, the law will never touch you. Provided... you put a bag of gold dust right on this counter the first of every week.
Tonto: That much wampum.

Tonto: Me have friend. Me talk to him before decide.
Whittaker: Fair enough. Tell him that there are plenty of other wanted men who are already enjoying Reedville's healthy climate. There'll be more arriving all the time.
Notch Brice: Sure, he may meet a lot of old friends here.
Tonto: My friend always happy to meet outlaw.

Tonto: Me make friend with Indian at livery stable. Him say sheriff scared of Whittaker.

Tonto: Looks like you got new right-hand man.

The Lone Ranger (2003) (TV)
Luke Hartman: If I had a girl like that, I'd probably be flying at guys with sharp objects too. Right? Alright, maybe not. Luke. Luke Hartman.
Tonto: I'm Tonto. And this is my sister, Alope.
Luke Hartman: Your *sister*, Alope. Are you alright?
Alope: [flashing a flirty smile] Quite alright.

Tera: You broke our laws, Tonto. Then, at the first sight of trouble, you run back to us for help.
Tonto: There is a world outside of our world. If we don't work to bring these two worlds together as one, it is ours that will be crushed.
Tera: And why should we help them crush us?

Luke Hartman: How about you? You wanna go for a ride too?
Alope: Not tonight. Of course, if you decide to stick around here, I'm sure there would be plenty of trouble for you to get into.
Luke Hartman: Really? Uh, Tonto. Maybe we should, uh, we should hang around here for a little.
Tonto: No, we're going to town. This one doesn't need to get into any trouble. She IS trouble.

[last lines]
Luke Hartman: Listen, I wanted to thank you. I couldn't have done it without you.
Tonto: That's true, you couldn't have. I'm not sure I couldn't have done it without you though.
Luke Hartman: Oh, ho, ho. So that's how it's gonna be?
Tonto: It sure is. You can ride with me though, Ranger.
Luke Hartman: We still got more to do. You can ride with me, Kemosabe.
Tonto: Oh yeah?
Luke Hartman: Yeah.
[tugging Silver's reigns]
Luke Hartman: Ya!

The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (1958)
Tonto: You have the tongue and courage of a coyote. You speak much, but you say nothing.

Dr. James Rolfe: It's too bad the law can't help you. I'm afraid Tonto found out rather painfully what kind of a man our sheriff is.
Tonto: Bruises on body go away, but sheriff have sickness that can't be fixed with medicine.

The Lone Ranger: There's no doubt about it, Brady and the Henderson woman are behind these killings.
Tonto: Why we not take them to law?
The Lone Ranger: We could, but I want all the hooded raiders.
Tonto: That plenty guns for us to fight, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee.

"The Lone Ranger: Enter the Lone Ranger (#1.1)" (1949)
Tonto: Here guns to kill badmen.
The Lone Ranger: I'm not going to do any killing.
Tonto: You not defend yourself?
The Lone Ranger: Oh, I'll shoot if I have to. But I'll shoot to wound, not to kill.

John Reid: Only you, Tonto, know I'm alive. To the world, I'll be buried here. Beside my brother and my friends. Forever.
Tonto: You all alone now. Last man. You are lone ranger.
John Reid: Yes, Tonto. I am the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger: If a man must die, it's up to the law to decide that - not the person behind a six-shooter.
Tonto: That right, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee.

The Lone Ranger (1956)
The Lone Ranger: Tonto, keep out of trouble.
Tonto: Trouble find Tonto even when him not look for it.

The Lone Ranger: Tonto, boundary markers!
Tonto: Ah, that Indian reservation. Taboo for white men.

The Lone Ranger: Tonto, those drums are summoning the tribes to war.
Tonto: That plenty bad, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee. Ranchers talk war all time. Indians make ready. Soon war start. And they fight. Fight.

"The Lone Ranger: Jornada Del Muerto (#4.27)" (1955)
Tonto: Crazy Wolf.
The Lone Ranger: Yes, Tonto. It looks as though we may be close to catching up with him at last.
Courier: You men know him?
Tonto: Ah. Him renegade, white outlaw who live with Apaches for many years. At one time, him lieutenant to Geronimo.

Tonto: Major Trask, masked friend want talk to you.
Major Trask: Don't tell me he's going to drop in too?
Lieutenant Wilson: If he does, Sir, I'd like the personal pleasure of putting him in irons.
Major Trask: You certainly have my permission to do that, Lieutenant.

"The Lone Ranger: Barnaby Boggs, Esquire (#1.21)" (1950)
The Lone Ranger: You weren't frightened by a few Indians, were you?
Barnaby Boggs: Of course not. I just remembered I ran out of tonic.
Tonto: Me see plenty bottles in wagon.
Barnaby Boggs: Yes, well that medicine had turned stale from the heat.

[Tonto grabs some of Barnaby's tonic]
Tonto: Me fix him.
The Lone Ranger: Good idea. That should bring him to.
Tonto: You open mouth.
Barnaby Boggs: No, I don't want that stuff.
Tonto: Him good stuff. Kill pain, he say.
Barnaby Boggs: Oh, what are you trying to do, Indian? Poison me?

"The Lone Ranger: Behind the Law (#2.21)" (1951)
Tonto: [posing as an enemy of the Lone Ranger] Me owe him plenty. Someday, me catch him alive.
Big Jim Folsom: A little Indian torture, eh?

Tonto: Him try to shoot Silver.
The Lone Ranger: His killing days are over.

"The Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger Fights On (#1.2)" (1949)
John Reid: I like that horse more than anything in the world, but if he wants to go, he should be free.
Tonto: Him a beauty. Like mountain with snow - silver-white.
John Reid: Silver. That will be a name for him.

Tonto: Him dead, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee, but me glad. Him deserve to die.
The Lone Ranger: No, Tonto. No one should have his life end like this.
Tonto: Like white parson say, this act of providence. Now no one know you still live.
The Lone Ranger: Yes, that is true. A strange act of providence has protected my secret.

"The Lone Ranger: Jim Tyler's Past (#1.23)" (1950)
Tonto: When man run from law, he have to know lots of places to hide.

"The Lone Ranger: The Law Lady (#4.25)" (1955)
[first lines]
The Lone Ranger: [reading aloud] $3000 reward. The above reward will be paid by the Board of Country Commissioners for information leading to the capture of the person responsible for the murder of Sheriff Richard Lee. Signed, Mrs. Richard Lee, Sheriff.
Tonto: Woman sheriff, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee? Me never hear of that before.
The Lone Ranger: Some time ago, the Wyoming Legislature passed a law giving the women right here to vote and hold office.
Tonto: Ah. That may be good idea.
The Lone Ranger: It is good, Tonto. Someday, every woman in the United States will have the same right.

"The Lone Ranger: Outlaw Underground (#3.2)" (1952)
Tonto: Train run underneath ground?
The Lone Ranger: No, Tonto. During the War, the organization that helped the slaves to escape to the North was called the Underground Railway. A criminal organization along these same lines could become powerful enough to completely undermine the law.

"The Lone Ranger: Journey to San Carlos (#5.35)" (1957)
Jed Walker: Tonto, you'd risk your own live to save us- to save me?. You, an Indian?
Tonto: All men are brothers, Mr. Walker. Some have red skin; some have black skin; some have white skin but we all brothers.

"The Lone Ranger: The Squire (#2.9)" (1950)
Tonto: Help always come when people fight for right.

"The Lone Ranger: Man of the House (#1.20)" (1950)
Tonto: You mean you afraid of wife?
Casper Dingle: Injun, if you were married to a woman like Maude, you'd be afraid too!

"The Lone Ranger: Damsels in Distress (#1.39)" (1950)
Tonto: Him not like other outlaws we chase. Him use foreign tricks.

The Phynx (1970)
Tonto: Ke-mo sah-bee, what we do?
The Lone Ranger: Tonto, you and I are going to rescue everyone.
Tonto: Masked man, brave.
The Lone Ranger: When the cart stops, we'll jump out and hide in the shadows.
Tonto: Ah, masked man, fearless.
The Lone Ranger: And you and I will attack the tank with our bare hands.
Tonto: Ah, masked man, loco.

"The Lone Ranger: Gold Fever (#1.31)" (1950)
Tonto: Why Martin rob mail?
The Lone Ranger: That's what puzzles me.
Tonto: Martin go too far this time.
The Lone Ranger: Yes, Tonto He's endangered the reliability and integrity of the United States government Postal Service.

"The Lone Ranger: Finders Keepers (#1.13)" (1949)
Beata: Don't be angry with him. He trusted me and I lied to him.
Tonto: Me never believe a woman again!

"The Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger's Triumph (#1.3)" (1949)
Tonto: Now Cavendish gang captured, Ke-Mo Sah-Bee, you take off mask?
The Lone Ranger: I'm going to continue to where the mask and keep my identity a secret.
Tonto: For how long?
The Lone Ranger: Our job has just begun. We have a lot of trails to follow.
Tonto: That good.

"The Lone Ranger: The Return of Don Pedro O'Sullivan (#5.7)" (1956)
[first lines]
The Lone Ranger: Tonto, look!
Tonto: There is plenty trouble, Kemosabe.
The Lone Ranger: Come on.

"The Lone Ranger: Six-Gun Artist (#4.42)" (1955)
Tonto: Woman with pretty face and evil heart always make trouble.

"The Lone Ranger: Woman from Omaha (#3.43)" (1953)
The Lone Ranger: Tonto and I are here to help you.
Whip: Then you can help me get Miss Martin out of the coach. She's likely dead by now.
Nell Martin: [yelling from inside the stagecoach] Get me out of here, someone!
Tonto: Lady not dead. Sound very much alive.

"The Lone Ranger: Eye for an Eye (#1.42)" (1950)
The Lone Ranger: Have you two young ladies ever ridden two on a horse?
Aunt Addie: Now just a minute!
Tonto: Don't worry. Nothing get hurt but your dignity.

"The Lone Ranger: Trouble at Tylerville (#5.14)" (1956)
Tonto: This look like the end.
The Lone Ranger: Keep faith, Tonto.

"The Lone Ranger: Two Against Two (#5.28)" (1957)
[first lines]
The Lone Ranger: Tonto, you've been riding fast. You're back from town early.
Tonto: Ah. Me have good reason to ride fast, Kemosabe. Look.
The Lone Ranger: [reading from a newspaper] Daring Nighttime Escape from State Prison. Last night, after slugging and injuring two guards, the notorious Vic Foley made good on his boast that no prison was big enough to hold him. Foley was captured only last year after a desperate gun battle in which his confederate, a young Mexican boy named Eduardo Mendoza, was killed.

"The Lone Ranger: Trouble in Town (#3.30)" (1953)
Tonto: My friend do many things people not expect him to.