Lady Rochford
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Lady Rochford (Character)
from "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" (1970)

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"The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Catherine Howard (#1.5)" (1970)
Lady Rochford: They say the king is a very Turk with women. You will have very little rest tonight, my angel. Let him do as he likes, child.

Lady Rochford: You will not appoint Dereham as your private secretary?
Catherine Howard: You where listening behind the door.
Lady Rochford: I only heard the word "secretary". Besides, I can hold my tongue to keep my head.
Catherine Howard: And so must Dereham hold his.

"The Tudors: Something for You (#4.3)" (2010)
Lady Rochford: [during Henry's northern visit] Catherine! Your Majesty! You must wake up! The King and Lady Mary are speaking to the people of Lincoln.
Catherine Howard: [after a sexy night with her young lover] Mm... beastly tired... say I'm sick!
Lady Rochford: [grumbling] I'll say your sick! You've got a sickness all right, Catherine Howard, and it's getting worse by the day! Pray God it don't prove fatal to us all!

"The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Anne Boleyn (#1.2)" (1970)
Lady Rochford: I married a jelly.
George, Viscount Rochford: And I a tight-lipped bitch!

"The Tudors: Lady in Waiting (#2.8)" (2008)
Jane Parker: [Enraged] You've just come from another's bed! Do not deny it!
George Boleyn: Very well, I shan't.
Jane Parker: [Very distressed] What makes it worse is that you've not forsaken my bed for that of another woman but another man!
[They both are silent, and after a moment she realizes from the look on his face that it's true]
Jane Parker: Oh, God! Oh, my God, it's true! Oh, my God, it's disgusting! It's a sin!
George Boleyn: [Fearing her voice will be heard] Shhhh!
Jane Parker: [Livid] It's a sin against God! It's a sin against Nature! All those that practice it are condemned by the Gospels to live forever in Purgatory!
George Boleyn: [Bitterly and sarcasticly] Sometimes, my love, I think that with you I'm already condemned to live in Purgatory.
[He throws her down on the floor and leaves]

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
Jane Parker: Put yourself in the queen's shoes. She knows the only reason the king's asked you here is because he desires you. She's a good woman, trust me.