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Quotes for
Frankenstein (Character)
from Death Race 2000 (1975)

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Death Race 2000 (1975)
Harold: Is it true that with your new mechanical arm you can shift gears in less than a twentieth of a second? Would you care to comment on that?
Frankenstein: No.
Harold: How do you feel about going into the race with a navigator you've never met?
Grace Pander: You'll love Annie. She's a red-hot sexpot.
Frankenstein: She'd better be a red-hot navigator.

Frankenstein: You want to make love to me because I drive the Monster and wear this costume.

[Annie has just taken off his mask; he is supposed to be hideous to look at]
Frankenstein: What'd you expect, another pretty face?

Annie Paine: [pulls off Frankenstein's glove, revealing a grenade built into his hand] A grenade?
Frankenstein: A hand grenade!

Frankenstein: [Frankenstein has just narrowly avoided Annie's attempt to run them off a cliff] What the hell do you think you're doing?
Annie Paine: It doesn't matter what happens to me now.
Frankenstein: Now that is about the dumbest, sorriest thing I've ever heard you say. I don't believe you have a drop of Thomasina Paine's blood in your whole body. I mean, when things get tough you close your eyes and try to drive us off a cliff! If you'd just stop trying to kill me for a minute, I need your help.
Annie Paine: How can you possibly expect me to help you!
Frankenstein: You're my navigator.
Annie Paine: You're the only one who knows where you're going! I mean who's side are you on anyway? I thought the only thing that mattered to you was winning the race.
Frankenstein: Sure. Only the winner of the race gets to shake hands with Mr. President.
[pulls off his glove]
Annie Paine: Is that a grenade?
Frankenstein: A "hand grenade". That handshake is all I've lived for for as long as I can remember.
[replaces glove and clenches his fist]
Annie Paine: Now, wait a minute! I don't want you to die.
Frankenstein: It's my life's work.

Frankenstein: What were you doing down there, getting more secret instructions from the lunatic fringe?
Annie Paine: [starts undressing] Why don't you just turn me in and get it over with?
Frankenstein: Your cover's blown, you're no threat to me now.
Annie Paine: I have a job to do.
Frankenstein: Your job is a waste of time. The world doesn't want to be saved. I'm giving you a chance to save one small part of it: yourself.
Annie Paine: Who *are* you, anyway?
Frankenstein: Nobody. I was brought up in a government training center to be just who I am: Frankenstein, this year. They use one up, they bring in another. But I will be the last of the line.
Annie Paine: Oh, who's kidding who?
Frankenstein: I never kid.
[they start making out]