Julie Jordan
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Julie Jordan (Character)
from Carousel (1956)

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"Live from Lincoln Center: 'Carousel' with the New York Philharmonic (#38.8)" (2013)
Billy Bigelow: You're a funny kid. Don't remember ever meeting a girl like you. You... you trying to get me to marry you?
Julie Jordan: No.
Billy Bigelow: Then what's putting it into my head?

Billy Bigelow: You got something to tell me, make it quick.
Julie Jordan: I can't tell it so quick. Why don't you drink your coffee and by the time you drink it, I'll have told you?
Billy Bigelow: Well?
Julie Jordan: Well, yesterday my head ached and asked me If I were sick, but it weren't nothing like that. Heh. It's awful hard to tell you. I ain't a bit ashamed because it's perfectly natural when two people live together and... I'm gonna have a baby.
Billy Bigelow: You...
Julie Jordan: Mm-hmm.
Billy Bigelow: A baby?
Julie Jordan: Yeah.
Billy Bigelow: [laughs, picks Julie up and spins her around] Oh...
[suddenly concerned about spinning her]
Jigger Craigin: Where you going?
Billy Bigelow: Hey, Jigger! Julie's gonna have a baby!
Jigger Craigin: Yeah, what about it?
Billy Bigelow: Nothing.
Jigger Craigin: [sighs] My mother had a baby once.

Julie Jordan: [crying after Billy dies, still cradling him] Sleep, Billy. Sleep like a good boy. I knew why you hit me. You were quick-tempered and unhappy. That don't excuse it. But I guess I always knew everything you were thinking. But you didn't always know what I was thinking. One thing I never told you, because I was scared you'd laugh at me. But I'll tell you now. I love you. I love you. I was always so ashamed to say it out loud. But there, I said it. Didn't I? I said it.
[kisses Billy's cheek, takes off shawl and puts it on Billy]
Julie Jordan: What am I gonna do now?
Cousin Nettie: You're gonna stay on here with me. So I can be with you when you have the baby. Main thing is to keep on living. Keep on caring about what's going to happen. Remember that song you used to sing as a girl? Do you remember the words? Because if you do, sing 'em now. See if you know what they mean.
Julie Jordan: [singing] When you walk through a storm keep your chin up high and don't be afraid... of... the... dark...
Cousin Nettie: [touches Julie's head compassionately and sings for Julie] When you walk through a storm keep your chin up high and don't be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm is golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lark.
[extends hand to Julie, helps her up, and embraces her]
Cousin Nettie: Walk on through the rain, tho' your dreams be tossed and blown. Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone, you'll never walk alone.
[kisses Julie's head]

Carrie Pipperidge: [singing] You're as tight-lipped as an oyster and as silent as an old Sahara spink!
Julie Jordan: [speaking] Spinx.
Carrie Pipperidge: Huh?
Julie Jordan: Spinx.
Carrie Pipperidge: Nuh-uh. Spink.
Julie Jordan: You spell it with an "X."
Carrie Pipperidge: That's only when there's more than one.
[rolls eyes and chuckles]
Julie Jordan: Oh.

Billy Bigelow: Are you still here?
Carrie Pipperidge: You told us to wait for you.
Billy Bigelow: What do you think I want with two of you? I meant that one of you was to wait. The other can go gome.
Julie Jordan: Well, good night, Carrie.
Carrie Pipperidge: But if you stay, you'll...
Julie Jordan: Good night.

Ensemble: All right, get back there. Get back. Stay back.
male: Who is it?
male: It's Billy.
female: Billy Bigelow?
Julie Jordan: What? Billy? Billy. Billy!
[runs over to him, sees stab wound, cradles his head]
Julie Jordan: Billy!
Billy Bigelow: Jigger told me how I could get ahold of a lot money, see...
Julie Jordan: Yes.
Billy Bigelow: Hold my hand tight.
Julie Jordan: [voice breaking] I am holding it tight, all the time.
Billy Bigelow: Tighter. Tighter still.
[dying breath]
Billy Bigelow: Julie?

Heavenly Friend: [after Billy hits Louise's hand] Failure. You struck out blindly again. Is that the only way you know how to treat those you love? Failure.
Julie Jordan: Where is he?
[sees Billy and is shaken]
Billy Bigelow: I don't want her to see me.
Heavenly Friend: [waves arm] Then she doesn't.
Billy Bigelow: I think she saw me before I said it.
Louise Bigelow: He's gone! I didn't make it up, Mother. Honest, there was a strange man here and he hit me hard. I heard the sound of it. But it didn't hurt, Mother! It didn't hurt at all. It was almost as if - he kissed my hand! Don't you believe me, Mother?
Julie Jordan: I believe you.
Louise Bigelow: Then why are you acting so funny?
Julie Jordan: It's nothing, darling.
Louise Bigelow: But is it possible, Mother, for someone to hit you hard like tha - real loud and hard - and not hurt you at all?
Julie Jordan: It's possible, dear - for someone to hit you - hit you hard and not hurt at all.
[hugs Louise, Louise leaves. Julie sits down on bench]
Billy Bigelow: Julie! Julie!
Billy Bigelow: Longing to tell you, but afraid and shy, I let my golden chances pass me by. Now I've lost you;
[Julie notices Billy's star and reaches for it]
Billy Bigelow: soon I will go in the mist of day, and you never will know hiw I loved you, how I loved you.
[Julie takes the star and leaves]
Billy Bigelow: [speaking] She took the star! She took it! It's as if she knew I was here.
Heavenly Friend: Julie would always know.

Mrs. Mullin: I don't run my business for a lot of chippies!
Carrie Pipperidge: Chippy yourself!
Julie Jordan: Yes, chippy yourself!
Billy Bigelow: Oh, shut up, all of you!
Mrs. Mullin: Take a look at that girl, Billy.
[gestures at Julie]
Mrs. Mullin: She ain't never allowed on my carousel again!
Billy Bigelow: What'd she do, anyway?
Julie Jordan: She said you put your arm around my waist.
Billy Bigelow: So that's it? I can't put my arm around a girl without I ask your permission?
Mrs. Mullin: I just don't want that one around anymore.
Billy Bigelow: You...
[pointing at Julie]
Billy Bigelow: you come around here all you want. And if you don't have the price, Billy Bigelow'll treat you to a ride.
Mrs. Mullin: Big talker, ain't you Mr. Bigelow? I suppose you think I can't throw you out, too? You're such a good barker that I can't do with out you? Well, just for that, you're discharged. Your services are no longer required. You are bounced.
Billy Bigelow: Very well, Mrs. Mullin.
Mrs. Mullin: Well, you know I... I could bounce you, if I felt like it.
Billy Bigelow: You just did.
Mrs. Mullin: Well, don't pick up every word I say! Oh, if only my saintly departed husband Mr. Mullin were here. He would set you straight! I only wish my poor husband was alive this minute!
Billy Bigelow: I bet he don't!
Mrs. Mullin: Upstart! After all I've done for you! You're done for good now!

Carrie Pipperidge: And so the next day we all climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Enoch and me and the nine kids.
Julie Jordan: [laughs] Did you go to any theaters in New York?
Carrie Pipperidge: Course we did! Enoch took me to one of those "extravaganzas." And the curtain come up and the first thing you see is twelve hussies with nothing on their legs but tights!
Julie Jordan: What happened then?
Carrie Pipperidge: Well, Enoch just grabbed hold of my arm, dragged me right out of the theater. But I went back the next day, to a matinee, to see how the story come out.
Julie Jordan: All by yourself? You're lucky you didn't see anybody you know.
Carrie Pipperidge: I did.
Julie Jordan: Who?
Carrie Pipperidge: Enoch!
[Julie laughs]
Carrie Pipperidge: There was this one girl whonsung this awful catchy song. She-here
Carrie Pipperidge: -she threw her leg up over a fence like this and she sung...
[begins singing]
Carrie Pipperidge: I'm a tomboy, just a tomboy! I'm a madcap maiden feom Broadway! I'm a tomboy, a merry tomboy-
[Julie gestures to stop as Enoch and Jr. enter]
Mr. Enoch Snow: Turn your eyes away, Junior!
[Junior laughs]
Carrie Pipperidge: I was just telling Julie about that show, "Madcap Maidens"!
Julie Jordan: Won't you stay and visit with us?
Mr. Enoch Snow: I'm afraid we haven't the time. Mrs. Snow and I have to stop by the minister's on the way to the graduation. And I'll thank you very much not to sing "I'm a Tomboy" to the minister's wife.
Carrie Pipperidge: [to Julie] I already did.
[Julie laughs]
Enoch Snow, Jr.: Pa, can I stay and talk to Louise? Just for five minutes.
Mr. Enoch Snow: [Carrie looks at Enoch] Five minutes, no more!
Carrie Pipperidge: I wish we could stay longer.
Julie Jordan: Good-bye.
Carrie Pipperidge: We'll see you at the graduation.
Enoch Snow, Jr.: Still lollygagging. You'd think a woman with nine children would have more sense.
Carrie Pipperidge: If I had more sense, I wouldn't have nine children!

Carousel (1956)
Julie Jordan: [singing] And, what's the use of wonderin' / If the endin' will be sad? / He's your feller and you love him / There's nothin' more to say.

Louise Bigelow: I didn't make it up, Mother. Honest, there was a strange man here, and he hit me hard. I heard the sound of it, Mother, but it didn't hurt. It didn't hurt at all. It was just as if he kissed my hand.
Julie Jordan: Go into the house, Louise.
Louise Bigelow: What's happened, Mother? Don't you believe me?
Julie Jordan: I believe you.
Louise Bigelow: Then why don't you tell me why you're actin' so funny?
Julie Jordan: It's nothin', darlin'.
Louise Bigelow: But is it possible, Mother, for someone to hit you hard like that - real loud and hard, and it not hurt you at all?
Julie Jordan: It is possible dear, for someone to hit you, hit you hard, and it not hurt at all.
[they embrace]

Clem: You being Julie's only kinfolk, I thought you oughta know. Ain't seen that barker from the carousel, neither.
Nettie: If you ain't got any better than them...
Clem: Oh, I got better, I got better. Could be accidental, them both disappearin' at 't' same time. All the same, it does look a mite peculiar.
Nettie: Nobody in our family ever did anythin' to be ashamed of, Clem Poops. Now you just find me a couple of good big lobsters or git!
Julie Jordan: [enters from a distance] Cousin Nettie!

Liliom (1934)
[last lines]
The Daughter: Mother, did anyone ever hit you? I mean a real slap that you can hear ring, and you didn't feel a thing?
Julie: Yes, my child. There was a time when someone hit me, and I didn't feel a thing.
The Daughter: Then, it is possible for someone to hit you, and not hurt you at all?
Julie: Yes, my child. Someone can beat you, and beat you, without hurting you at all.