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Quotes for
Locke (Character)
from "Game of Thrones" (2011)

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"Game of Thrones: Walk of Punishment (#3.3)" (2013)
[at Locke's command, two of his men hold Jaime against a stump. Locke grabs Jaime's hair, draws a large knife and holds it close to Jaime's head]
Locke: [disdainfully] You think you're the smartest man there is. That everyone alive has to bow and scrape and lick your boots.
Jaime Lannister: My father...
Locke: ...and if you get in any trouble, all you got to do is say "my father" and that's it, all your troubles are gone.
[Locke presses the point of the knife to Jaime's right eye]
Jaime Lannister: [whispers] Don't.
Locke: [teasing] Have you gotten something to say?
[Jaime groans painfully as Locke presses the knife harder]
Locke: Careful. You don't want to say the wrong thing. You're nothing without your daddy. Your daddy ain't here. Never forget that.
[Jaime sighs in relief as Locke moves the knife away and steps backward]
Locke: Here, this should help you remember!
[Locke suddenly lashes out, cutting Jaime's hand off. Jaime gapes at his severed hand, then screams in agony]