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Dr. Hank Hastings (Character)
from "7th Heaven" (1996)

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"7th Heaven: Blind (#5.5)" (2000)
Julie Camden Hastings: I don't know if I believe Mary.
Dr. Hank Hastings: I think we should tell Eric and Annie about her - about the beer, and that she's still hanging out with Frankie.
Julie Camden Hastings: I hate to get her in trouble. If this were an isolated incident... she wasn't drunk. She could be telling the truth
Dr. Hank Hastings: But if she is in trouble, and we don't say anything, how are we going to feel later... that we knew she was in trouble, and we did nothing?

Julie Camden Hastings: This was a mistake. I'm never leaving Erica again, ever!
Mary Camden: Please don't say that.
Dr. Hank Hastings: We come home, the house is a mess, the baby is a mess, there's another baby here we don't even know. You had guests over after we told you not to, and you were drinking. What is wrong with you?

Mary Camden: The beer isn't mine, it's Frankie's. Frankie drank it.
Dr. Hank Hastings: That's your defense: "the beer belongs to my pot-smoking friend?" How stupid do you think we are?
Julie Camden Hastings: Let's just forget the fact that I'm a recovering alcoholic, and that any trace of alcohol in my house doesn't exactly make me happy. Let's assume that you're telling the truth - it's not your beer. Let's talk about how you, my underage niece, happens to have be involved with an underage friend who has beer. What's happened to you? Who are you?

"7th Heaven: Holy War: Part 1 (#6.21)" (2002)
Dr. Hank Hastings: Everything is gonna be fine. Now, say goodbye, Julie.
Julie Camden Hastings: Goodbye Julie.

"7th Heaven: There Goes the Bride: Part 1 (#3.21)" (1999)
Julie Camden Hastings: Are you asking what I think you're asking?
Dr. Hank Hastings: I'd get down on one knee, but I'm old.