James Apperson
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James Apperson (Character)
from The Big Parade (1925)

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The Big Parade (1925)
James Apperson: Orders! Orders! Who the hell is fighting this war - men or orders?

James Apperson: Waiting! Orders! Mud! Blood! Stinking stiffs! What the hell do we get out of this war anyway! - cheers when we left and when we get back! But who the hell cares... after this?

James Apperson: [after Slim is killed] Slim, can't you just try to say... good-bye? They got him! They got him! GOD DAMN THEIR SOULS!

Melisande: C'est vous qui m'a fait rire, n'est ce pas?
James Apperson: I don't understand a word you say... but I know what you mean.

James Apperson: [to Melisande, who speaks French] French is Greek to me.

Black Barber: Are you for sure goin' to take a job in your father's mill?
James Apperson: Me... work? I should say not!

Justyn Reed: Aren't you thrilled that we're going to war?
James Apperson: No.
Justyn Reed: You'll look gorgeous in an officer's uniform! I'll love you more than ever then.

Slim: Say, I joined the army to fight... not shovel!
James Apperson: You'll shovel and like it, dearie!

James Apperson: Voo... and... me... vooley voo... take... little... petite... walk?

James Apperson: Me... you... tres... much... love.
[Looks in English-French Dictionary]
James Apperson: Gee... aimy... vowse... boo... coop!
Melisande: Je suis tres contente.
[Looks in French-English Dictionary]
Melisande: I... am... verree... happee!

James Apperson: I'm coming back! - Remember - - - I'm coming back!

James Apperson: They're not going to send us out in that open field, are they?
Slim: Sure! We're gonna keep goin' till we can't go no farther!

James Apperson: Do you think he'll make it all right?
Bull: Sure! Slim'll come back wearin' the Kaiser's moustache!

Bull: Yo... Slim!
Doughboy: [Crawling into Jim and Bull's foxhole] Say, you hyenas... pipe down!
James Apperson: You can't make us shut up! Slim's out there alone!

James Apperson: Mother?
Mrs. Apperson: Yes, Jim.
James Apperson: There's a girl in France -...