Benedict Arnold
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Benedict Arnold (Character)
from The American Revolution (1994) (TV)

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Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor (2003) (TV)
Benedict Arnold: My name shall be carved in stone alongside the great traitors: Lucifer, Judas, and Arnold.

Benedict Arnold: [Facing the militia] All of Britain could not slay me. Can you lads?

Benedict Arnold: You know... it's no wonder you're own men call you "Granny Gates". Put your knitting aside, general and come see the battle up close!

"The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IV (#5.5)" (1993)
Marge: Wait! Before you send him to hell, there's something you should see. That's a photo of Homer and I at our wedding.
Richard Nixon: Wait a minute. You got married in an emergency room?
Marge: Well, Homer ate the entire wedding cake by himself... before the wedding.
[the Jury of the Damned all laugh]
Marge: Read the back, the back.
Blackbeard: Arrr! 'Tis some sort of treasure map.
Benedict Arnold: [snatches it away] You idiot, you can't read!
Blackbeard: Aye, 'tis true. My debauchery was my way of compensatin'.