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Dr. Ziska (Character)
from The Monster (1925)

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The Monster (1925)
Dr. Ziska: Rigo, a patient - I keep him in a trance. Sometimes he gets out - does terrible things.
Dr. Ziska: A strange case - but I deal in strange cases!
Dr. Ziska: I have only one guest chamber - but no doubt we can make the gentlemen comfortable.
Dr. Ziska: Caliban - see that the guests have the USUAL attention!
Dr. Ziska: My servant - don't allow him to frighten you - the poor creature is dumb!

Dr. Ziska: [to Johnny] Do you know who I am?
[Johnny shakes his head 'no.']
Dr. Ziska: Neither do I!

Johnny Goodlittle, the under clerk: Doctor, shall we see you in the morning?
Dr. Ziska: Who knows if I will ever see the morning?

Dr. Ziska: I am Dr. Ziska - In the absence of Dr. Edwards I am in charge here.
Amos Rugg: We met with an accident and would like to use your phone.
Dr. Ziska: I'm sorry, I have no telephone. But I can't permit you to leave the house on so wild a night.

Dr. Ziska: The fools sent me a man when it is a woman I want!

Dr. Ziska: At last the fools have brought me a woman!

Dr. Ziska: It is only from a woman that I can learn the secret of life!

Dr. Ziska: Tighten his straps until he squeals!

Dr. Ziska: Rigo - my knives!