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Bobby Simpson (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Episode #1.1252" (1993)
Tug: [Justifying his actions for punching Shane during the performance] Ever since he got out of jail, he's been after me.
Luke: That's got nothing to do with the musical.
Tug: He tried to get back at me by getting stuck into my girlfriend. At least everyone knows what a lowlife he is now.
Alf: I hope you realise you owe me a new pair of strides!
Tug: Oh, what you are you on about?
Alf: *Hot* Coffee! That's what I'm on about, I'll never get that flamin' stain out!
Tug: Well go and talk to Shane; It's got nothing to do with me
[Bobby gets out of her seat to see the commotion on stage]
Alf: The Hell it's got nothin' to do with you! You were the one who knocked the coffee out of my hand!
Bobby: I told you, there's no point in shouting at him, Alf.
Luke: [Sarcastically] And what do you suggest; Shake his hand for a "job well done"? There aren't too many people that can ruin an *entire* musical in one fell swoop!
Alf: You'd better get him outta here, Bobby. Before someone strings him up!
Bobby: Come on, Tug.
Tug: I wanna see Sarah.
Bobby: You can see her tomorrow...
Tug: I wanna see her now...
Luke: [shouting] JUST... leave.

"Home and Away: Episode #1.1215" (1993)
Donald: [Discussing Adam and Shane's encyclopedia sales] It's not gonna happen, I flatly refuse.
Alf: Hang on, Don. Have you looked into this properly?
Donald: Looked into what? We're dealing with Adam Cameron?
Alf: Yeah, I know that. But I mean, they'd be good for the school. Wouldn't they?
Donald: Well Yes, but at what price?
Bobby: Dad, they're free. No charge, You know, Zilch?
Alf: Gee, Don. I don't reckon you oughta look a gift horse in the mouth, encyclopedias don't grown on trees, you know...

"Home and Away: Episode #1.140" (1988)
Donald Fisher: I'll only take so much from you.
Alan Fisher: Oh, No You won't. You'll take as much as I can dish out, Mr Big Man! Hitting out at women and children, You're not so tough when someone stands up to you. You're a gutless wonder.
Donald Fisher: [Seething] No... I won't be dragged down to your level. Your mother was right; We'll talk about this tommorow and I can assure you, You are going to be *very* sorry.
[walks away]
Alan Fisher: I knew you were too gutless to hit me!
Donald Fisher: [turns back] Gutless? No! Civillized.
[walks away]
Alan Fisher: [a crowd gathers; Alan holds his head] Oh no!
Bobby Simpson: Alan?
Donald Fisher: [lurches back over to Alan] Alan? Alan? Alan, what it is it? Is it the aneurysm? For god's sake what is it?
Alan Fisher: [Is fine and begins taunting Donald] Oh, Dad. Never knew you cared?
Donald Fisher: You swine... You malicious, little swine!
[hits Alan with the back of his hand]
Alan Fisher: [Crowd recoils in shock, Alan taunts Donald once more] Bang... You're Dead!