Kyle Morgan
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Kyle Morgan (Character)
from Portraits of Sari (2007)

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Portraits of Sari (2007)
Kathleen Spore: Marshmallow?
Kyle Morgan: No thank you
[Kyle turns to see a love-struck Aurelle staring at him and immediately turns grabbing a heaping wad of marshmallows and shoving them in his mouth, then muttering through a full mouth... ]
Kyle Morgan: FFaaanks!

Cynthia McNarma: They're announcing the winner after that big Shakespeare thing at Parent's Weekend, which reminds me. Did you want to go and get some tickets?
Steve McNarma: No!
Kyle Morgan: They always do a bad job at that anyway. Don't they?
Steve McNarma: Yeah! I wouldn't even come to that whole event or whatever. It's really just a big recruitment thing for the college anyway
Cynthia McNarma: But I just thought...
Steve McNarma: I don't even think parents are invited.
Kyle Morgan: Yea, no, me neither.
Cynthia McNarma: I'm confused? At Parent's Weekend?