Aurelle Myddnyte
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Aurelle Myddnyte (Character)
from Portraits of Sari (2007)

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Portraits of Sari (2007)
Aurelle Myddnyte: Chamomile!

Sari Phillips: Thanks. Anything to get my mind off of 'Steve: The Annoying.'
Aurelle Myddnyte: He is. But did you see 'His Friend: The Gorgeous.'
Sari Phillips: [laughing] You mean Kyle?
Aurelle Myddnyte: Yeah! He's so hot! Possibly even the future 'Mr. Myddnyte.'
Sari Phillips: You're kidding... right?
Aurelle Myddnyte: No why? Does he have a girlfriend?
Sari Phillips: No? But didn't his shirt say 'homolicious.'