Toivo Virta
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Toivo Virta (Character)
from Inspector Palmu's Error (1960)

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Gas, Inspector Palmu! (1961)
Inspector Palmu: Do you see what it says on that picture on the wall?
Detective Toivo Virta: [reads] God sees everything!
Inspector Palmu: That's what they say, that's what they say! A police officer can't see everything, but he is able to see something. Or at least he should be! What time it is?
Detective Toivo Virta: 10.01 a.m.
Inspector Palmu: They boys have already read the morning paper. There is a phone over there. Alert the murder squad!
[Virta rushes to the phone]
Inspector Palmu: . Every murderer makes a mistake, this one made two.
Detective Toivo Virta: [on the phone] Hey, boys! Come here! Mrs. Scrof, Rantakatu 2! Bye!
[to Palmu]
Detective Toivo Virta: They are coming! The murderers... I mean the murder squad!
Inspector Palmu: God timing! I'm sure that you noticed everything right away! The dog has been lifted on the mattres. That was the first mistake! If the dog had felt the odor of the gas, it would have go around the room and finally hide itself under the bed in panic. Besides, its neck is broken.
Detective Toivo Virta: Really?
Inspector Palmu: Yes. Maybe it attacted the murderer and he snuffed it out. The second mistake is the over-boiled porrige. Why wasn't the stove cleaned.
Detective Toivo Virta: Maybe Mrs. Scrof planned to do it in the morning.
Inspector Palmu: This woman was very tidy! The kettle is out of its place. Who has touched the kettle?
Detective Toivo Virta: I told you right away that it is a murder!
Inspector Palmu: Oh, you did? Well, you are undergraduate after all!

Detective Toivo Virta: [voiceover] Of course it was a murder. Otherwise they wouldn't call the Criminal Investigation Police. And no-one forgets to switch off the gas.
Inspector Palmu: It was not a murder.
Detective Toivo Virta: I didn't say anything like that.
Detective Toivo Virta: No, but you THOUGHT!
Detective Toivo Virta: If Inspector had even a little bit of imagination...
Inspector Palmu: ...I would cut it off. Or leave my job.