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Gung-Ho (Character)
from "G.I. Joe" (1985)

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"G.I. Joe: Let's Play Soldier (#2.9)" (1986)
[last lines]
Mr. Nguyen: We have much to learn. I owe much to Miley, Steve and Jeff and Liam. They will work at my inn, as partners!
Gung-Ho: Leatherneck, talk'em out of it! They're better off in America!
Leatherneck: Nah, all they need is a home and some love. What country they're in doesn't matter. OK! Look sharp! Quit eating like pigs! And that's an order!
Miley, Steve, Jeff and Liam: Yes sir!
Leatherneck: Don't call me sir!
Miley, Steve, Jeff and Liam: Yo Joe!

River Pirate: Ah! Let me go! I am only an innocent pawn of a capitalist machine!
Gung-Ho: This guy must have studied political science at UCLA.

"G.I. Joe: Resolute: Part 7 (#1.7)" (2009)
Roadblock: Damn, Destro mined the entire corridor.
Gung-Ho: He's probably made the Baroness's undies out of plastic explosives.

"G.I. Joe: The Great Alaskan Land Rush (#1.52)" (1985)
Gung-Ho: When I get my hands on those Red October wackos, I'll make 'em wish Karl Marx was Groucho's brother.