Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace
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Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace (Character)
from August Rush (2007)

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August Rush (2007)
Wizard: You know what music is? God's little reminder that there's something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.

Wizard: What do you want to be in the world? I mean the whole world. What do you want to be? Close your eyes and think about that.
August Rush: Found.
Wizard: [pauses] Doesn't have enough yin. little more yang, ya know?
August Rush: yeah

Wizard: You got to love music more than you love food. More than life. More than yourself.

Wizard: Hola music lovers! While the cat's away-
[He sees the pizza box on the ground]
Wizard: oh. who likes pizza?
[Arthur tries to sneak away]
Wizard: Arthur.
[gestures for Arthur to come here]
Wizard: What is he?
Backbeat: He's a damn fool!
Wizard: What are you Arthur?
Arthur: I'm a real piece of work, Wizard.
Wizard: [Wizard points his switch blade at Arthur] You're on thin ice.
Arthur: I didn't take no family money. He bought it
[points to August]
Arthur: [August stares at Wizard]
Wizard: What?
August Rush: You look crazy.
Wizard: I am crazy! RAAAHHH!
[August flinches]
Wizard: [smugly] See? Come here. C'mon. NOW!
[August walks over nervously]
Wizard: What are you doing here?
August Rush: I followed the music.
Wizard: [Wizard looks at him for a second then cracks up] Where'd you get this one Arthur? Belevieu?
Wizard: [Wizard looks at August's hands] You never played a note in your life. You know what music is? It's God's little reminder that there's something else in this universe besides us. Harmonic connection between everything, even the stars.
August Rush: Is this a school?
Arthur: Yeah, the school of "Screw You and Take All Your Damn Money"!
Backbeat: Yeah, we're top of the class!
Wizard: NOT! It's a business. POCKETS!

Wizard: Can't you see it? Wizard productions presents the number one heat wave: AUGUST RUSH!
August Rush: Yeah! Me! That's me!

Wizard: Deal's off.
August Rush: But Wizard, I have to play! I have to let them hear!
Wizard: [Grabs August and throws him against the fence] You play when I say play. You breathe when I say breathe! You got that boy? You forget about your parents! They were pretty quick to forget about you!
Wizard: [Wizard calms down a bit then continues] You do not know how precious your gift is. You're just a kid, you don't know. I do, August

Wizard: When I say run, you run, okay?