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Marshal Michel Ney (Character)
from Waterloo (1970/I)

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Waterloo (1970/I)
Napoleon Bonaparte: Cross the river. Tomorrow we will dry our boots in Brussels.
Michel Ney: God willing, sire.
Napoleon Bonaparte: God? God has nothing to do with it.

King Louis XVIII: I know you loved this man.
Michel Ney: I did, once. But I promise you, that I will bring him back to Paris in an iron cage.
King Louis XVIII: How they exaggerate, these soldiers, "In an iron cage"? Nobody asked for that.

Michel Ney: Wellington's on the run! I caught him at Quatre Bras! He's retreating!
Napoleon Bonaparte: If Wellington's retreating, what are you doing here?
Michel Ney: But, Sire...
Napoleon Bonaparte: If Wellington's retreating, what are you doing here? Why didn't you follow him? Why didn't you pursue?
Michel Ney: [Raises voice] where are the reinforcements you promised me?
Napoleon Bonaparte: [shouting] Don't you dare criticize me! Don't you dare! Don't you see if Wellington's free to choose his ground then everything I've won in this campaign you've lost!

Napoleon Bonaparte: Well they've done it! The whole of Europe has declared war against me! Not against France, but against me.
Le Bedoyere: They dignify you sire by making you a Nation!
Napoleon Bonaparte: [laughing] Dignify? Dignify? They deny me the decency of law! They make it legal that any clown can kill me.
Michel Ney: Well we've fought with mud in our boots before!
Napoleon Bonaparte: Yes well, I'll discuss peace over Wellington's dead body, that's my peace table!

Michel Ney: [as elite French soldiers retreat in disorder] Are you France? Are you the Guard?