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Cesare Borgia (Character)
from "The Borgias" (2011)

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"Borgia: 1498 (#3.4)" (2014)
[first lines]
Cesare Borgia: [arriving in Milan] Ah, Jean.
Jean de Foix: [embracing him] I bring you boundless love from my sister, Charlotte.
Cesare Borgia: She's well? And my daughter?
Jean de Foix: Both are. Elsie. They miss you.
Cesare Borgia: And King Louis, does he miss me? Will I be embraced? Or arrested?
Jean de Foix: Hard to say. When Louis arrived here in Milan, he was singing your praises. Cesare,
[French accolades]
Jean de Foix: . Cesare
[French accolades]
Jean de Foix: . Cesare
[French accolades]
Jean de Foix: , subjugating the Papal States.
Cesare Borgia: Uniting?
Jean de Foix: Uniting. Then word came that you had seized Arezzo, and marched too close the Florence.
Cesare Borgia: Then I must find out what the sight of Cesare Borgia does...

Guidebaldo de Montefeltro: My sword will debone this bastard son of a corrupt priest!
Cesare Borgia: Ah Guidebaldo, how nice to see you fully dressed. I'm told that as my troops approached Alvino you fled your castle wearing nothing but your fear!

Jean de Foix: Let me avenge my brother's death.
Cesare Borgia: Dead brothers must be forgotten.

Agapito Geraldini: Perhaps you should travel to Rome and relay the, um, status of your campaign to the Pope in person.
Cesare Borgia: The status? I was DEFEATED!
Agapito Geraldini: In war one does count individual battles. History remembers only he who dictates the treaty.

Cesare Borgia: Priests make themselves essential by standing between truth and man. So do astrologers. I want neither in my life.
Lorenz Beheim: I am dismissed?
Cesare Borgia: Yes.
Lorenz Beheim: A man must believe in a greater power, or he becomes a man without the power live.
Cesare Borgia: There is faith, and there is blind ignorance. Perhaps our lives, perhaps the entire universe, is a sharp aching tooth in the mouth of some monster.

Alessandro Farnese: Cesare, if there is one thing defines our relationship, one reason we have been at each other's throats, and in each other's hearts, it is because you live in the present, while I live in the past and the future. You're depressed now because you have reason to be depressed now. Tomorrow you may still be depressed, but you will just as likely experience something much grander. If I was depressed yesterday, I carry that into tomorrow. I wish I could operate as you do, living each day on its singular terms.
Cesare Borgia: I'm not depressed. I am not anything I claim to be. Not Ceaser, not Fortuna's darling, not the Son of God. I'm nothing.

Cesare Borgia: [waking and sitting up in a coffin] Do your eyes see me differently?
Leonardo Da Vinci: If Cesare Borgia suffers a loss, I expect nothing less than a total loss. Mediocrity I despise.
Cesare Borgia: And yet by being a man it's impossible to be anything other than mediocre.

Cesare Borgia: [upon seeing a Da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man drawing] We're all legless soldiers in need of a crutch, or helping hand. Yet I begin to believe that I am possessed by a spirit greater than fortuna. A spirit which rivals God. Perhaps this spirit is the Devil. But no. He, she, it, is even more intense than evil. Is it possible to transcend all earthly knowledge? Or heavenly power? Or hell's darkness? Am I the most alive being who is ever existed? Or am I insane? And does a man need to *be* insane to be *all* that he is? Or can be.

"Borgia: 1496 (#3.2)" (2014)
[first lines]
Vitellozzo Vitelli: Cesare, you have no greater admirer than I, but this procrastination is unworthy of your military genius. We must advance on Florence.
Cesare Borgia: As I said, Vitelli, I will move against the Florentines only if they reject my demands: 300,000 duckets, and the freedom to move my troops through their territories.

Cesare Borgia: I must decide whether to continue my campaign or change course. Which way does fortune's wheel spin?
Lorenz Beheim: You're a Virgo, yes?
Cesare Borgia: I am more viper than Virgo.

Cesare Borgia: A tyrant is beaten once he loses the enthusiasm of his subjects. That is why Darshan Bo's mutiny failed. And why Milan waivers. The Duke of Pajero can be beaten from within. I do not need 10,000 men, but only 10.

Lucrezia Borgia: Show Giovanni Christ's mercy.
Cesare Borgia: Christ's mercy? And where will I find that rare gem?
Lucrezia Borgia: In your own heart - or in mine, which loves Jesus in every way.
Cesare Borgia: Ah, so you're a Christian then?
Lucrezia Borgia: My faith in Christ is absolute. My faith in Christianity is less certain.

Lucrezia Borgia: Your secret plan... You plan, papa plots, and I ROT!
Cesare Borgia: Your voice will wake the dead.
Lucrezia Borgia: My voice once commanded the living. But now I atrophy. An unused muscle in the Borgia body.

Giovanni Sforza: [cowering] I am lost. What will I do?
Cesare Borgia: Since you cannot change the way you govern, Giovanni, I suggest that you change the people who you govern.

Cesare Borgia: The cities I have conquered are like a rotted tree, riven by corrupt leadership, ready to fall with the first strike of lightening.

Cesare Borgia: I have a surprise for you. I know you've reached the limits of your pursuit to understand the human body.
Leonardo da Vinci: Topographic anatomy enabled me to render only man's shape, not truly examine his inner workings.
Cesare Borgia: Well, now you can dig deeper.
[uncovers a dismembered corpse]
Cesare Borgia: The only piece missing is his cock.
Leonardo da Vinci: I am most grateful. I will not squander this opportunity.
Cesare Borgia: Do not worry. More bodies will come.

"Borgia: The Seven Sorrows (#2.11)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: [looking around] Now I can see that Charlotte and Carlotta are alike: benign, fair, loving. A man could live here happily for the rest of his days. With a peaceful heart, and a tranquil soul.
Agapito Geraldini: A man, surely. But a Borgia...

Cesare Borgia: [demonstrating sword play] If you know your enemy, and you know yourself, you will win a hundred battles. If you do not know your enemy, but you know yourself, you win half as many. If you do not know your enemy, and you do not know yourself, you will die.

Agapito Geraldini: You *were* a god, but an angry one. Being a man makes you happier.
Cesare Borgia: Though more ordinary.

Royal Advisor: You actually believe you will survive this onslaught?
Cesare Borgia: I was born at this time - not a hundred years ago - not a thousand years hence - for a reason. Let us find out what that reason is...

Cesare Borgia: [skewering a morsel] Let me tell you what will happen if you resist Cesare Borgia.
[gently places it into Corte's mouth]
Cesare Borgia: You will destroy your beautiful cathedral, your venerable university.
[begins stuffing other foods in his mouth]
Cesare Borgia: He will burn your magnificent garden. Murder your sons, rape your daughters.
[now shoving his face into the platter]
Cesare Borgia: I'll boil the flesh off your bodies, and use the bones to build a new cathedral! Dedicated to Cesare Borgia, Catalan! Now choose, death or joy...
Bernardino da Corte: You! I choose you!
Cesare Borgia: Cesare Borgia will enter the city at the hour of tours. You will bring forth the keys as the symbol of surrender. And to punish your avarice, bribe the Sforza guards with your own money... Cesare Borgia dismisses you.

Ascanio Sforza: [sitting in a small cage] I warn you, free us at once, or die at the Emperor Maximillian's blade.
Cesare Borgia: Those are my choices? Well, what should we do while we wait for his arrival. I did not think to bring cards.
Ascanio Sforza: [to Ludovico] I told you he does not scare.
Ascanio Sforza: [to Cesare] The rattle of swords is always the first gambit.
Cesare Borgia: And the second gambit is to beg?

[last lines]
Louis d'Orleans: You have proven yourself worthy of my trust. And worthy of my love.
[bestows a royal kiss]
Louis d'Orleans: You are sad.
Cesare Borgia: Triumph doesn't taste the way I thought, Louis. It does not fill the stomach.
Louis d'Orleans: Well, what does?
Cesare Borgia: Therein lies my sadness.

"Borgia: The Serpent Rises (#1.12)" (2011)
Juan Borgia: As prefect of Rome, Prince of Tricarico, I can say what I choose.
Cesare Borgia: Brother, you have the helmet but not the brain. The sword, but not the arm to wield it.

Cesare Borgia: So, tell me cous', What have you learned living in the Borgia household?
Pantisilea: To take what I want, regardless of the cost and who gets hurt.

Guillaume Briçonnet: If hearsay is gospel, I would believe that *you* stabbed the prefect out of jealousy.
Cesare Borgia: Jealousy?
Guillaume Briçonnet: Over the Lady Lucrezia. Rumors span from the tip of Sicily to the doors of Notre Dame, that both you and your brother have had incestuous relations with your sister.
Cesare Borgia: You dare speak such words?
Guillaume Briçonnet: I do not subscribe to this gossip. Neither does my king. But what does it say about your family that others are so easily convinced the perversions are true?

Rodrigo Borgia: Who killed my son?
Cesare Borgia: God.
Rodrigo Borgia: God is not so ruthless.
Cesare Borgia: He killed his own son. Why would he not kill yours?

Rodrigo Borgia: We command you to go to Spain and fulfill your pastoral duties.
Cesare Borgia: And what if, Father, I said I no longer wished to be archbishop? Nor wear the red robe of a cardinal?
Rodrigo Borgia: We would, like a deaf man, stare blankly as your mouth moves.

Lucrezia Borgia: I tried to give myself to God, but he refused. And am I not following the example of my father and brothers? Am I not a Borgia? Do not hate me.
Cesare Borgia: I have a great many feelings towards you. Hate is not one of them. You have acted bravely. More bravely than I. In the Garden of Eden, Eve showed more courage than Adam. When the serpent offered the forbidden fruit, she knew that there was something better than paradise.

Cesare Borgia: A son exists to glorify the life of his father, as meaningless and worthless as that life might be. But if the boy is to become a man, he must glorify himself, and make a name even greater than his father's. A name that will shout throughout history.
Cesare Borgia: I am Cesare Borgia!

"Borgia: Who Is Like God? (#2.12)" (2013)
[first lines]
Cesare Borgia: [naked at the mirrors] Did we like ourselves better before there were mirrors? When your sense of how you looked came from a reflection in a lake. Our your lover's eyes.
[now looking up close]
Cesare Borgia: Though we stare at ourselves hour upon hour, admiring what we see. Or loathing it.
Agapito Geraldini: Your victory here in Milan seems to have given you no pleasure.
Cesare Borgia: Success came too easily.
[getting dressed]
Cesare Borgia: Conquering Caterina Sforza-Riaro will be a more difficult task, and therefore a more satisfying win.
Agapito Geraldini: At your age, winning is everything. At my age, knowing is.
Cesare Borgia: No, Agapito. I want to know. I want to bite into the forbidden fruit and understand why I need to win. To prove you are the best. The best what? Warrior? Statesman?
[returning to the mirror]
Cesare Borgia: Father? Son? Brother?
[closely again]
Cesare Borgia: Lover?

Leonardo da Vinci: You must be...
Cesare Borgia: I am.
Leonardo da Vinci: Cesare Borgia is said to have the countenance of Christ, and the eyes of Satan. You fit the description.
Cesare Borgia: Maestro, it is an honor to meet a true man of genius. And I to meet a true man of war.
Leonardo da Vinci: To conquer Milan without firing a single shot. That says much about you.
Cesare Borgia: And about the enemy one faces.

Boy: Guard!
Cesare Borgia: He is dead.
Boy: [picking up cutlery] I will prove that I *am* a man.
Cesare Borgia: I will not fight you.
Boy: You're afraid.
Cesare Borgia: Yes. That your blood will stain my already crowded conscience.

Agapito Geraldini: [announcing their arrival at the Sforza castle] Cesare Borgia, Duke of Antigua, Count of Diwa, Lord of Isadom, beckons Caterina Sforza-Riaro.
Caterina Sforza-Riaro: [appearing on the wall] I am here...
Cesare Borgia: Madonna, will you not come down, so I may see you legendary eyes?
Caterina Sforza-Riaro: This is as near as I will step towards a Borgia.
Cesare Borgia: Fine. For now... In the name of Alexander rex et sacerdos, I ask you respectfully to surrender.
Caterina Sforza-Riaro: That as you have asked in the name of Lucifer Prince of hell. I will not be dragged in shackles up the Vatican steps. To dance like a monkey for that foul smelling Catalan.
Cesare Borgia: Oh, I think you will surrender.
[putting his sword to her son's throat]
Cesare Borgia: You threatened to kill di Naldo's son. Now I threaten to kill yours.
Caterina Sforza-Riaro: Go ahead, kill him.
[grabbing her pants]
Caterina Sforza-Riaro: I have the mond to make more.
[walks away from the wall]

Agapito Geraldini: You have made another conquest. Imola is yours. And will be blessed with another child. A legitimate heir. Are you not yet satisfied?
Cesare Borgia: What is conquest? What is a child? Do either define me? I've striven since coming of age to be unique. To be the better man. I go around shouting, "I am Borgia!" I still do not know what that means.

Agapito Geraldini: The one element all men share is that we know love.
Cesare Borgia: Not all men. The only thing we living creature share is suffering. Just as Jesus suffered. And in that way, we *are* like God.

Agapito Geraldini: You are remarkable.
Cesare Borgia: I have a sharp mind, yes. But others are equally sharp. I have courage, yet others are courageous. I have deep desires, as most people do. After I drink, I piss. After I eat, I shit. I am susceptible to earth quakes, lightening, the French disease. I'm not special. Or I am *only* special, because I am human. One of thousands to crawl upon this earth. One of millions who were born before me. One of numbers unimaginable who will come after. Strange, it's as if I know them. Those who will breathe this air in the next millennium are sad souls. Like them, I cannot stop what will happen. I can only pity them, as I hope they will pity me.

"Borgia: 1504 (#3.11)" (2014)
[first lines]
Agapito Geraldini: Your bank accounts in Genoa, Venice, and Florence have been impounded by each government.
Cesare Borgia: [wearing his black shirt] Can you see me?
Agapito Geraldini: [no]

King Louis d'Orleans: My friend, you are on edge. Come to Leon, visit your wife, your daughter. Take off your armor, Cesare, the metal weighs you down.
Cesare Borgia: This is not my armor, this is my skin...

Cesare Borgia: We are born filled with the capacity to trust in something else, something... I was going to say greater, but perhaps that which controls us is not great. Perhaps God in something smaller or lesser than we are.
Lucrezia Borgia: Perhaps faith is not innate, but learned. What if the silly priest does not only teach us the answer, but also the question?
Cesare Borgia: But can a priest teach an emotion? When I gazed at you my heart swells. As long as you exist, I know that there is something other then me. What do you see when you see me?
Lucrezia Borgia: My brother.
Cesare Borgia: Is that faith? That what you see and what you believe is not only the same, but is also true? If I believe our father is alive, is he alive? If I believe Julius Della rovere is dead, is he dead?
Lucrezia Borgia: For you, yes.
Cesare Borgia: Well, this is where we differ. One of these men is definitely alive, and one is definitely dead. Over time I've replaced my faith in God alone, in the Church, in Fortuna, in Astrology, in myself, in you - none seem to last.

Lucrezia Borgia: You throw your soul to the wind like a rock, as if the rock will grow wings and fly.
Cesare Borgia: So you would have me what, surrender?

Cesare Borgia: Lucrezia! You are my priest, my prophet. You elevate my being. You enliven my mind. Faith must never harden. Faith must... flow, and rise, and fall, and change. In that I can trust. I must go.
Lucrezia Borgia: I must stay.

Giovanni Batista Caracciolo: [using a loud horn] Resist us and you will die.
Cesare Borgia: [standing on the wall] There lies the difference between us and the reason I know that I will live. To you, death is something to be feared. To me, death is the ultimate challenge, the final victory. But alas, I am not yet worthy of death. What is you name?
Giovanni Batista Caracciolo: Giovanni Batista Caracciolo My wife is Doloterra Batista.
Cesare Borgia: I'm sorry that the birth of my daughter stretched out your wife's vagina.

"Borgia: 1507 (#3.14)" (2014)
Alonso Pimental: The guards gulp wine as fish gulp the sea, unaware its taste is polluted. They are already dead!
Cesare Borgia: A priest who kills? You would thrive at the Vatican.

[first lines]
Alonso Pimental: And behold, an angel of the Lord next to him, and a light shone in the cell. The angel struck Peter on the side and woke him saying, get up,quickly. And the chains fell of Peter's wrists.
Cesare Borgia: [posing for the painter] I am not Peter, I am Prometheus. I brought mankind fire. And for my generosity, I am shackled to a rock.

Charlotte d'Albret: Our mother's sister who cares for us, uses the worst words when speaking of our murdered father, our Papal grandfather, and you.
Cesare Borgia: Every ducket has two sides. No Borgia is perfect. Yet we have tried to make a difference.
Jean d'Albret: Did our father... was he a good man.
Cesare Borgia: Yes. Yes he was. And he would be filled with dulcet delight to see how handsome and beautiful you are. You must try, in the ever shifting tides of your life, to be better beings than your father, your grandfather, and me. Imitate you aunt Lucrezia.
Charlotte d'Albret: I would like to meet her.
Jean d'Albret: She sends us gifts on our birthdays, and our saints days.
Cesare Borgia: I'm not surprised. She is God's grandest soul.

Cesare Borgia: I cannot help but wonder, what if Juan had not been murdered. Would I have remained a Cardinal? What if Reginald Louis had not been murdered. Would he have been in Naples instead of de Cordoba and guaranteed my safe passage back to the Romania? What if a malarial fever had not plagued both father and son? If the reign of Pope Alexander had lasted another year? Or even six months, would I now be emperor of Italy? What if Lucrezia and I had consummated our love?
Rodrigo Borgia: [as a dream] "What if" is a game for philosophers and school boys. You're neither.

Cesare Borgia: Your father has sent you to surrender.
Louis de Beaumont: No. I come to say that we are prepared to die, to the last man. Our souls and our swords.
Cesare Borgia: Then you will die. Either bleeding on the walls, or more slowly, from the gnawing of hunger.
Louis de Beaumont: I have read what they say about you. Now I see that you are even greater than your legend.
Cesare Borgia: Legends be damned. We are here to serve a just cause.
Louis de Beaumont: A warning. Viana is a strange place, where even extraordinary men are humbled...

[last lines]
Cesare Borgia: [walks ashore onto a beach in the Americas] In the beginning.

"Borgia: The Blessed Trinity (#2.7)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: When I learned the identity of the assailant, I found him. He happened to be French. And I looked him in the eye and I stuck him with my dagger. I twisted the blade until his insides bled. He whimpered and collapsed and I had won. The world minus another devil. Who here knows such victory?
King Charles VIII: Some of us do.
Cesare Borgia: And how does it feel?
King Charles VIII: Triumphant.
Cesare Borgia: How else?
King Charles VIII: Blissful.
Cesare Borgia: How else?
King Charles VIII: Frightening.
Cesare Borgia: Because the only way to rid the world of evil is by putting yourself in its path. Exposing your own insides. Calm are the complacent, never rising from their chairs. Calm are the judgmental, never putting themselves at risk. But show me a man who feels fright and I'll show you a man with values and loved ones. With his heart's blood filling his muscles. Because he is willing to stake his last breath on something that is more than nothing. I have taken a life. I have created a son. I have been in love. Each time I was afraid. Those who do not know such fear do not know courage.

Queen Anne: Our son, Charles Orlando, died four months ago. He was three years old. Our only issue.
Cesare Borgia: How cruel to lose a child.
Queen Anne: Yet, I did not cry. Such weakness, such indulgence never felt proper for someone of my birth. During my son's funeral cortege I followed his tiny body as we approached the Cathedrale de Saint Martin. Passing my subjects who lined the streets, I remained as always, stoic. And then Cardinal Briconnet whispered: Your Highness, you do not need your people's respect because you have their love. And I looked upon the mourners and I saw all of France bereaved. I touched my boy's hand and I wept every tear I have ever withheld. What my people showed me, was true love.

Queen Anne: You do not speak of love, Cesare Borgia. You speak of romance. Romance is for young girls.
Cesare Borgia: I am a man.
King Charles VIII: Ah, so you really speak of lust.

King Charles VIII: I ask you to contemplate the passion you have for Carlotta. Is it love or is it obsession?
Cesare Borgia: Are they different?

Cesare Borgia: [while the King is deathly ill] You cry.
Agapito Geraldini: In bitterness, there is security. When one goes, so does the other.

Cesare Borgia: Even when I win, I lose.
Agapito Geraldini: And when you lose, you must win.

"Borgia: Ascension (#2.5)" (2013)
[first lines]
Francesc Gacet: [banging on the door to his bed chamber] Holiness, he is almost here! Holiness, please! Holiness.
Alfonso D'Este: [crowd chanting Hail Cesare!] Did you ever imagine the walls the eternal city would echo your name as they once did for your namesakes Julius and Augustus Caesar? Be honest. Does not this hero's welcome live up to your boyhood dreams?
Cesare Borgia: Even more so.
Juan Borgia Lanzol: Then why so dour?
Cesare Borgia: Dour? My face beams like the sun on a blue day.
Alfonso D'Este: You shine brightly - for show.
Cesare Borgia: They sing my praises for eliminating Savonarola. In their eyes, an enemy to Rome. But my goal in manipulating the monks there, it was not to save Christendom or my father.
Juan Borgia Lanzol: You're wrong. You efforts were on behalf of Holy Mother Church.
Alfonso D'Este: And that divine entity towers above Rodrigo Borgia, Savonarola, or any man.
Cesare Borgia: I do not place my future in the brutal hands of God, but in delicate fingers of the goddess known as Fate.

Rodrigo Borgia: We have given you a rare commodity: time. Use that time to sway the others.
Cesare Borgia: But to get all of them to agree? They never will. Never.
Rodrigo Borgia: That word was uttered when I entered the Conclave. Never again would a Spaniard be Pope! Yet here is the ring mankind must kiss.

Cesare Borgia: We must change 17 cynical minds.
Juan Borgia Lanzol: And how are we to do that?
Cesare Borgia: With honey or vinegar.
Juan Borgia Lanzol: You would ask us to use violence?
Cesare Borgia: To be violent in order to destroy is criminal. To be violent in order to restore is heroic.

Cesare Borgia: [interrupting his prayer time] Rafaele, I see you are taking the Holy Father's directive to heart.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: No, I do not pray about you. I, like Nehemiah, am a man of prayer. Either kneel with me or leave me be.
Cesare Borgia: I will do neither.
[knocks him to the floor]
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: Like Nehemiah, who restored the walls of Jerusalem, I also am a man of action. Lay your hands on me again,
[pushing him roughly]
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: Cardinal Borgia, and you will regret it!
Cesare Borgia: You believe you are a match for me?
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: I believe I am holding cards which you do not wish me to play.
Cesare Borgia: [scoffs] You're about to say that the investigation of my brother's murder has never been officially completed, and that I killed Juan.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: No, no. I'm certain that you did not. But there is one person whom we never discussed nor interrogated. Your sister, Lucrezia.
Cesare Borgia: Lucrezia? Ridiculous.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: Before the Spanish departed Rome, I heard some rather intriguing facts from one of De Cordova's lieutenants about that young man, Pedro Caldes. The one you killed?
Cesare Borgia: You pretend to be a priest, yet at every turn you act the politician.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: Unlike you, Cesare, I have known my true calling, the reason I was born, since childhood. I cannot imagine living life any other way. The priesthood has liberated me from all temporal anxiety, knowing that my reward of everlasting life awaits... Why do you smile?
Cesare Borgia: Because the Red Sea has suddenly parted. If you do not vote my way, I'll destroy you. You will be excommunicated.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: Obviously your influence with the Pope has reached new heights. But even Rodrigo Borgia would never dare excommunicate a preist without sufficient...
Cesare Borgia: [interrupting] "Ground?" A moment ago you accused the Holy Father's daughter of murdering his son. Bishop Flores dies daily in Terra Nuova prison for the sin of false witness.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: No one heard me but you.
Juan Borgia Lanzol: [entering with 2 others] We did.
Rafaele Riario-Sansoni: My vote is yours.

Cesare Borgia: Eminences, your vote proves that to do something holy you must sometimes do what is unholy. You are a cabal of hypocrites. If hell does exist, we will all fry in the same pan.

Don Juan (1926)
Cesare Borgia: Ah, he is the one they call the great lover!
Count Giano Donati: The great forgetful lover!
Lucrezia Borgia: There might be one he could not forget.
Count Giano Donati: Only your illustrious highness would dare such a challenge.

Cesare Borgia: While the mistress waits - our Spaniard dallies with the maid.

Cesare Borgia: We Borgia approve of cleverness in our friends - we have no clever enemies!

Cesare Borgia: This Spaniard, sweet sister, is yours to win - or mine to slay!

Cesare Borgia: Go - prepare yourself for the nuptials.

"Borgia: Pentecost (#2.6)" (2013)
Rodrigo Borgia: Cesare is both your cousin and your new commander. You will lead our Papal Guard, as you've yearned to do in the past.
Cesare Borgia: I do not walk in the past, father, I run towards the future. As soon as my train is ready, I depart for France to marry Princess Carlotta.
Rodrigo Borgia: King Federigo does not want you to marry his daughter, nor does she.
Cesare Borgia: A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's, she changes it more often.

Vannozza Catanei: Cesare, he's your nephew, he must remain safe.
Cesare Borgia: Do not confuse my past actions with my present self. The boy who left his son to die is gone. I would never put Lucrezia's son in jeopardy.

Cesare Borgia: History will wait, Alessandro. Your sister will not.
Michelotto: They did not like what they saw.

Cesare Borgia: [to his little boy] Be not afraid, little one. I know we are strangers now, but one day I hope to earn a place in your heart. I hold great plans for you, my son. But at this moment I do you more good from afar. You must grow up to be your own man, to live in no one's shadow so that you may surpass all of us. Whatever comes, you always have your father's love.

[last lines]
Lucrezia Borgia: I knew you would be here. I could not sleep last night. I could not stop thinking about you. What you have done for me, who you are to me. You do not have to go.
Cesare Borgia: I am naked without land or title.
Lucrezia Borgia: And that is when I want you most.
Cesare Borgia: Our family's survival depends on my success in Lyon, or we will perish when our father's no longer pope. There are too many enemies. We must make new and powerful allies.
Lucrezia Borgia: You're a good man, Cesare.
Cesare Borgia: [suddenly starts kissing her, then stops] No. No. Stop. I must depart.
Agapito Geraldini: [interrupts] You told me to bring this when it was finished. From the blacksmith, Whittaker.
Cesare Borgia: [to Lucrezia] My new sword and scabbard. The Goddess of Peace. Created in your image. I will come back for you one day, as an emperor.

"Borgia: The Assumption (#2.10)" (2013)
[first lines]
Fool: [on stage] And so gentle souls, follow me now to a place where men are men, and cocks are... cocks.
[audience laughs]
Fool: [with exaggerated bowing] Welcome, Son of God. Or so he calls himself in all his godlessness.
Son of God: I come to take my bride.
[audience cheers]
Son of God: As is ordered by my father.
Fool: [gasps] Ordered by God...
Princess: [distractedly adjusting her bodice]
Son of God: I am handsome and powerful! Kiss me, and you will swoon.
Princess: [reaches for him]
Son of God: [reaches for her, but slips falls]
Cesare Borgia: [angrily unleashes his dogs, and the audience rushes out of the theatre]
Cesare Borgia: [to Geraldini] You once said that I would have plays written about me, but you did not say what would happen to those who performed such plays.

Goffredo Borgia: God, have mercy on the man who shot the arrow into my ass.
Cesare Borgia: Let us wait to dispense our wrath until we know the facts.
Goffredo Borgia: Wait? It is easy to wait when one can sit!

Cesare Borgia: [realizing it is actually her] Your lady, is she beautiful?
Charlotte d'Albret: Some say.
[turning away]
Charlotte d'Albret: Though here is a secret: She looks more innocent than she is.
Cesare Borgia: You remind me of my sister.
Charlotte d'Albret: And you remind me of no one else.

Charlotte d'Albret: You know I already love you.
Cesare Borgia: Love is mercurial.
Charlotte d'Albret: We will see.

Cesare Borgia: I have learned that often, one must lose a point to win the bigger match. Of course I wish to marry Charlotte, but I do not want a lifetime of her father interfering in our lives. If he thinks that I do not care for her, that I will marry out of obligation to you, then he will tread lightly, afraid to set me off again.

"Borgia: 1503, Part Two (#3.10)" (2014)
Cesare Borgia: Rumors exist because people mistake their own wishes for reality.

Cesare Borgia: You are a fool. I will not help to promote my father's enemy.
Della Rovere: I believe every man has a right to know who his father is. So, I ask you , Cesare, how can I be your father's enemy when I *am* your father?

Cesare Borgia: Do I fuck like a Borgia?
Giulia Farnese: Your father loved me, whereas you only love yourself. But the eagerness, the sensuality, the bull in you, were the same.

Cesare Borgia: You and Rodrigo were enemies because you were exactly the same. You opposed him, not because you disagreed with his methods, you would have committed the same outrages. You opposed him because you were jealous of the fact that he was succeeding in place of you. No matter which of you is my father, I would have still turned out the way I am. Hate has shaped me as much as love. I have hated you as much as I have loved Rodrigo.
Della Rovere: But you have also hated Rodrigo. Perhaps one day, you will come to love me.
[touching his face]
Della Rovere: My son.

[last lines]
Cesare Borgia: I am at a loss. You defeated your enemies and come back from the dead to throw yourself in the pit of hell?
Niccolo da Correggio: Perhaps hell is where I belong.
Cesare Borgia: Oh, so suddenly you not only believe the word of Della Rovere, but in divine retribution as well?
Niccolo da Correggio: No. What would my relationship with Rodrigo Borgia be? I was desperate for his love and indifferent to it. But he has always been there - a roman doric column holding me up. Now he's gone and I find that I must fill his absence, or collapse under life's weight.
Cesare Borgia: But to choose Della Rovere...
Niccolo da Correggio: No Spaniard could win. No Frenchman, only an Italian. I could not choose a weak man, even though logic told me to do so. Della Rovere thinks that he is craftier than I am, and in that struggle I will strengthen. I will triumph and claim my proper place in history.

"Borgia: 1506 (#3.13)" (2014)
[first lines]
Gabriel de Guzman: Welcome to LaMancha, Senior Borgia.
Cesare Borgia: Senior. I am *Prince* Cesare of the Romania.
Gabriel de Guzman: I'm Gabriel de Guzman, a keeper. Here is Alonso Pimental, a priest.
Alonso Pimental: I'm your chaplain and confessor.
Cesare Borgia: I fear that I will have little need of your services. Salvation and I parted company many years ago.
Alonso Pimental: Well, I also play chess.
Cesare Borgia: The old rules, or mad queen's chess.
Alonso Pimental: Mad queen, of course. They *are* Spanish rules.
Cesare Borgia: Bueno! We must play.
Gabriel de Guzman: Enough! You will have time a plenty to chatter like women.

Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros: [to Aragon] Instead of judging the Borgia, you have become one!
Cesare Borgia: How many veins, Jimenez, have you opened during the Inquisition?
Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros: I have done so by order of God!
Cesare Borgia: Show me God's signature on the death warrant.

Philip Von Hapsburg: These four walls will be your doom. I, however, will set you free.
Cesare Borgia: In my experience, with every offer comes a demand, masquerading as a request.

[last lines]
Gabriel de Guzman: [to Cesare in shackles] And so the dog returns to the kennel. Be grateful to his most Catholic Majesty for not having you executed. At least not yet.
Cesare Borgia: You wait de Guzman, one day soon I will rip your heart out.

"The Borgias: The Poisoned Chalice (#1.1)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: That poison was meant for us.
Rodrigo Borgia: You don't poison the Pope!
Cesare Borgia: Do you know what the gossips are calling you? "The mitred ape". Half of Rome is waiting to celebrate your demise.
Rodrigo Borgia: You would poison a dying dog! Not the heir to Saint Peter!
Cesare Borgia: The idea offends you, then?
Rodrigo Borgia: It offends me, it offends nature, it offends God Himself!
Cesare Borgia: Then God will take his revenge.
Rodrigo Borgia: Yes he will... with *our* help!

Woman in Bed: [Finding out Cesare is a cleric] There was nothing ecclesiatical about last night.
Cesare Borgia: By night? By night I am who I want to be. By day I am thus.

Micheletto: It seems someone as pitiless as you...
Cesare Borgia: Yes... ?
Micheletto: ...needs someone as pitiless as me.

Rodrigo Borgia: I am Rodrigo Borgia no longer. I am Alexander Sixtus.
Cesare Borgia: But you know who you are. My father, still.
Rodrigo Borgia: I am no longer "I." I am "we." We felt so alone out there. When the crown touched our head. Humbled, even. Even frightened.

"Borgia: Transfiguration (#2.9)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: Threats fade if not backed by action. I will lead an army across Romagna, reclaiming all pontifical rights and obediences.
King Louis: Your bravi are tough, but an army they are not.
Cesare Borgia: Ah, mon bon ami, you will provide me with an army.
King Louis: Gascon and Breton mercenaries?
Cesare Borgia: Swiss and Scot kill with more efficiency.
King Louis: 6,000 men.
Cesare Borgia: 12,000 men! Give me troops, sire. I will march into Milan and capture the ducal throne for you.
King Louis: And so you shall, *General* Borgia.

Cesare Borgia: Is it not an especial sin to lie in the house of the Lord?
Guillaume Briconnet: Not as great a sin as murder. The fate that befell my son at your hands.
Cesare Borgia: You have another son. Perhaps he too will die before you. You are not in an alley in the city of vipers, Rome.
Guillaume Briconnet: [rushing toward him] You are in France, a civilized country where men do not stab other men and then stroll off.
Cesare Borgia: You speak true, Briconnet. I need to be more clever covering the tracks of my boots.

Cesare Borgia: You cannot marry Guy. He is less than the man you imagine him to be.
Carlotta d'Aragona: Yes. And you are better than the man I assumed you to be.

Guiliano Della Rovere: How did you know Briconnet had stolen?
Cesare Borgia: Everyone steals. With Briconnet I did not know how much, until now.
Guiliano Della Rovere: The arrival of Bishop d'Amboise is most fortunate.
Cesare Borgia: Fate is my mistress.

"Borgia: Wisdom of the Holy Spirit (#1.4)" (2011)
Alessandro Farnese: If a person ceased to feel guilt, he would no longer be a person. When we accept our sins, responsibility for our actions, that is when we approach the Divine.
Cesare Borgia: Are your words worth the air they fill?

Cesare Borgia: Is it possible to commit a sin for the right reason? And does that then make the action good, a sin no longer? In those circumstances, at what point would one feel guilt?
Francesco Remolino d'Ilerda: I will tell you, when the sin is abhorrent, unnatural.
Cesare Borgia: Unnatural? Say for a father to kill his son?
Francesco Remolino d'Ilerda: Yes.
Cesare Borgia: As God the Father did, sending Jesus to us, knowing He'd be crucified. God is unnatural.
Francesco Remolino d'Ilerda: You blaspheme!

Filippo Decio: Tonight, you are to take the first step on your path to the priesthood. Tonsure. His Excellency, the Bishop, will cut the hair on the top of your head, symbolizing your obedience to God. Spend the rest of the day reflecting on your worthiness.
Alessandro Farnese: [as they exit] Are you worthy, Cesare?
Cesare Borgia: Are any of us?

[last lines]
Cesare Borgia: [hurrying in] Fiametta! Fiametta, our child! He is alive. I give you my word, I will...

Prince of Foxes (1949)
Cesare Borgia: It is my belief that everything, even death, can be turned into profit.

Cesare Borgia: [to Orsini] But the great know only one law: the outcome justifies the act. Have you the stomach for greatness?
Andrea Orsini: The stomach and the appetite.

Don Esteban: [after getting a shove from behind from Borgia] My Lord!
Cesare Borgia: My garden is filled with beautiful women and you stand here like a brooding nemisis!
Don Esteban: I was thinking.
Cesare Borgia: Good. Practice makes perfect.
[Walking away]
Cesare Borgia: You should listen though. You may learn something.

Cesare Borgia: [Describing a man who would fit his requirements as an agent] ... be as quick at deceit as a fox. He must have the grace of a dancer; the wrist of an assassin. He must have little regard for good faith, yet by his astuteness, be able to confuse men's minds. He must have confidence in himself, yet not let that confidence render him incautious. He must charm as a snake charms a bird, yet he must make no friends, except those who can be of use to him and, for the same reason, although he may make use of love, he must not love."

"The Borgias: The Face of Death (#3.1)" (2013)
Papal Physician: [after Lucrezia has instructed the Papal physician on how to force the liquid charcoal down her poisoned father's throat] But this is witchcraft!
Lucrezia Borgia: [Pointing a dagger at the physician] This is physic!
Cesare Borgia: Do what she says... every detail... and if his soul departs. I shall insure it does do so alone!

Cesare Borgia: [Walking into Della Rovere's cell] My father lives! You failed!
Giuliano Della Rovere: Ah.
Cesare Borgia: What say you to that?
Giuliano Della Rovere: Today he lives. One day he shall not, and on that day where will you be?

Cesare Borgia: What use am I to you dead?
Cesare Borgia: [Ominously] I do not want you dead... not for a long time.

Rodrigo Borgia: I saw the face of death.
Cesare Borgia: You're not dead, Father.

"The Borgias: The Purge (#3.2)" (2013)
Rodrigo Borgia: [Opening lines as Cesare is shaving him] Della Rovere's escape was orchestrated by whom?
Cesare Borgia: Of that I must plead ignorance.
Rodrigo Borgia: We are in a snake pit surrounded by venom and smiling vipers, and our son pleads ignorance.
[He sighs]
Rodrigo Borgia: Maybe it was you.
[Cesare nicks his neck with the razor]

Cesare Borgia: [the room suddenly goes quiet when Cesare and Micheletto enter enter] You could hear a pin drop, Micheletto.
Micheletto: If I had a pin.

Rodrigo Borgia: Think of Rome as a spider's web, my son, and each family has its silken thread attached to an egg which is planted within these walls.
Cesare Borgia: Orsini, Baglioni, Vitelli, Colonna.
Rodrigo Borgia: And each one of these diaphonous threads go back through their families to the tarantula of Forli, the great arachnee, Caterina Sforza, and every egg wears a cardinal's hat and a smile of obedience and piety, and plots to murder you, your mother, your sister, and the plot to murder your beloved brother succeeds.

Cesare Borgia: [to Lucrezia] Whoever gets in the way of your happiness will feel my wrath.
[He puts a finger tenderly under her chin]
Cesare Borgia: We are the unholy family.

"Borgia: Pax Vobiscum (#2.4)" (2013)
[first lines]
Guy de Leval: The great gates to the city have been closed. The mace bearer has been sent to the monastery of San Monaco to escort Friar Domenico and Savonarola here. Your escort awaits downstairs. And the ordeal by fire will commence. You can still withdraw.
Cesare Borgia: I'm not afraid of death. But I'm sure mine with come with a quick thrust of the sword, not a slow burn.

Cesare Borgia: You have a small army, friar!
Girolamo Savonarola: I am a shepherd, not a sheep. I will not be led to the slaughter.
Cesare Borgia: Ah, no, you will walk, head held high, into the slaughter house.

[last lines]
Juan Borgia Lanzol: [watching fireworks] God's peace with you, Cesare.
Cesare Borgia: The peace of God no longer interests me.

"Borgia: 1499 (#3.5)" (2014)
Alfonso di Calabria: [aiming his crossbow at Cesare's back] If I killed you right here, all of Italy would treat me as a hero.
Cesare Borgia: [turning around] But you are not a hero, Alfonso. And only men like you,
[resumes walking away]
Cesare Borgia: who like true courage, want me dead.

Cesare Borgia: The Son of God seems to find much peace in death. Perhaps because He no longer bears the burden of leading men out of darkness.

Dorotea Malatesta: I have never seen my father cry.
Cesare Borgia: Becoming a father is easy enough. Being one proves more difficult.

"The Borgias: The Prince (#3.10)" (2013)
[first lines]
Niccolo Machiavelli: I have no servants when here in Rome, my lord. Florence can no longer afford them.
Cesare Borgia: Ah, democracy, Signor Machiavelli.
Niccolo Machiavelli: They say it has its merits.
Niccolo Machiavelli: [after a pause] What would you say is the perfect crime, my lord?
Cesare Borgia: The one without a victim.
Niccolo Machiavelli: [after a negative giggle] The one without suspect.

Cesare Borgia: Micheletto, where have you been?
Micheletto: Talking with God.
Cesare Borgia: And what did he say?
Micheletto: Nothing.

Cesare Borgia: [to his fellow Romagna princes] Never presume that I won't act on my worst instincts.

"Borgia: Legitimacy (#1.6)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: Let me help you, Father.
Rodrigo Borgia: *We* are the Holy Father, Bishop. And even if our gut instincts did not warn us of the danger, you know what else convinces us that we're in trouble? A member of our own family refuses to obey. Backstabbing cardinals we can abide, but disrespectful nephews we cannot.
Cesare Borgia: I am sorry, I was only trying to To help, yes.
Rodrigo Borgia: But we do not want your help. We want your loyalty.

Vannozza Catanei: Whether or not you are Rodrigo's son, he loves you and wants what is best for you.
Cesare Borgia: Stop! I am worth about as much to His Holiness as these pits are to olive oil.

Francesc Gacet: [entering] Your Excellency.
Cesare Borgia: Cockroach, here on the outskirts of town? Running His Holiness' errands all over Rome must be exhausting.

"The Borgias: Relics (#3.6)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: Give me joy of my marriage, Father. I am an honest man at last.

Cesare Borgia: I've brought you an army, Father. Would you have me send it back?

Cesare Borgia: [to Lucrezia] A father may forget that one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.

"Borgia: 1502 (#3.8)" (2014)
Niccolo da Correggio: Who is to say that if you are gone, Vitelli, or one of the others will not try to *be* you?
Cesare Borgia: Because no one can be me. Niccolo, you come to tell me things. But you come to read me, as well. Yes? Then read. And you see what is in my heart. Or is there only a pit where others have a soul? Do I love, or merely pretend to?
[holding up a saw]
Cesare Borgia: When are my enemies going to attack? They know where I am, here with the high-born men of Faenza, eating off their painted plates.
Niccolo da Correggio: The cabal is tiny. Each man has his own agenda. Each calculating how to swallow up the spoils. None trusting the others or willing to commit to any hasty course of action. Worse, they fear in failure your vindictiveness.
Cesare Borgia: Then they have already lost.
Dealigi: They have. They do not know.
Cesare Borgia: The more I learn about my generals, the less I respect them.

Cleofe Marescotti: If you were truly an honorable man, you would surrender.
Cesare Borgia: I do not take military advice from a woman whose bosom out weighs her brain.
Cleofe Marescotti: When Astore Manfredi ruled alone, Faenza was never overrun with such horror and doom.

Lucrezia Borgia: You are the best of brothers!
Cesare Borgia: And that is all that I am - all I will ever be to you. We need to begin a new life - informed by our old lives, but invented a new. We must finally and forever say goodbye to the past.
Lucrezia Borgia: No! I am not ready.
Cesare Borgia: I'm not either, but the future does not care. I love you, Lucrezia...

"The Borgias: The Art of War (#1.8)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: I disapprove of lechery, debauchery, drunkenness.
Juan Borgia: Which is why our father made you the cardinal.
Cesare Borgia: Why then did he make you a duke?
Juan Borgia: Because lechery and debauchery are the very marks of nobility.

Cesare Borgia: [Observing the retreating Papal army] Will the Good Lord see the justice in our cause, Micheletto?
Micheletto: Where war is concerned, your eminence, our Good Lord will take a holiday.

Cesare Borgia: Rome is like an old whore waiting once more for ravishment.

"Borgia: Ondata di calore (#1.2)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: Where ever I am, two elements are always struggling within me. Beast versus Archangel. More often than not, the beast wins.
Alessandro Farnese: A beast has no soul. You do.
Cesare Borgia: My soul is empty.
Cesare Borgia: Alessandro, I have a confession to make.
Alessandro Farnese: To me? Have you forgotten, unlike you I am not yet a priest.
Cesare Borgia: No but you're a drunkard and therefore keep my confidence.
Alessandro Farnese: More likely I will simply forget, so speak freely.
Cesare Borgia: I'm consumed by the fever of envy. My brother, our friend the Medici, their lives are in motion. Mine is a stagnant.

Alessandro Farnese: What does Professor Decio teach? Unlike lust but much like gluttony, envy becomes a sin only if you act upon the impulse.
Cesare Borgia: But how can I not be envious? Juan will achieve greatness in this life?
Alessandro Farnese: So will you. By a different route. Cesare, contemplate the other side of your instincts.

[last lines]
Cesare Borgia: [narrating] As has been true since the beginning, the value of a human life is worth far less than its weight in gold.
Francesc Gacet: [the sound of peasants rallying in the streets] We must depart.

"Borgia: 1497 (#3.3)" (2014)
[first lines]
Cesare Borgia: Achilli! Achilli! Come out, come out, where ever you are...
Achilli Tiberti: [panicked, hiding behind a bush]
Cesare Borgia: [sneaks up and puts a knife to his throat] You lose, Achilli. And in doing so, you decry the name Tiberti.
Achilli Tiberti: Your Grace, I did not bring my brother to Pesaro to play a child's game. I came to gain your support, so that my family my once again rule Cesena.
Cesare Borgia: Hide-and-seek is not a game, but a strategy for success.

Cesare Borgia: Venetian loyalty is like the water in their canals, raising and falling with the phases of the moon.

Cesare Borgia: A word to the not very wise: you will never will an argument with a Borgia *and* a leopard the room.

"Borgia: 1501 (#3.7)" (2014)
Lucrezia Borgia: My son suffers from my mistakes.
Cesare Borgia: As most children do from their parents.

Cesare Borgia: Do you dance, Niccolo? You seem like someone who does not dance.
Niccolo da Correggio: Well, I have no time for dancing.
Cesare Borgia: I fear without pleasure, without every single one of my senses alert and alive, I would go mad. You see, I know that I stand in danger of my life ending at the sharp edge of a sword. So I devote the rest of my time to fine living and reckless enjoyment.

"The Borgias: The Borgia Bull (#2.1)" (2012)
Cesare Borgia: [to Cardinal Della Rovere, who has survived a poisoning] Don't worry. If you're not dead by now, you will live. Your tongue will be swollen for days... no talking. I'm afraid all your prayers must be silent ones.

Cesare Borgia: [to a severely ill Della Rovere] The French army is ensnared in Naples. The French king is ill with the Neapolitan disease. God is in his Heaven, and the Pope on his seat in Rome... and my plea to you, Cardinal, is still the same. Work with us, not against us.

"Borgia: A Sacred Vow (#1.3)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: Guilt was created for what reason? For man to enslave himself?
Alessandro Farnese: No. Without the sensation of guilt, the hierarchy are afraid the individual would run free and there would be no order. Without order, there is no power. Guilt forces each of us to surrender our will, our souls to those who should not possess them.
Cesare Borgia: So are you saying that the men who are in power do not deserve to rule? His Eminence, Cardinal Borgia?
Alessandro Farnese: No.
Cesare Borgia: Then do you believe the kings and the cardinals are correct? That without guilt there would be hell on earth?
Alessandro Farnese: Without guilt, there would be *heaven* on earth. Man could be who he wants to be, love who he loves. Cesare, if you could excise guilt from your life, here and now, with whom would your relationship be changed? God? Or Rodrigo Borgia?

[last lines]
Cesare Borgia: There is a man and there is his word, and the two must be the same!

"Borgia: Maneuvers (#1.7)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: We must surround you with Papal Guards at all times.
Rodrigo Borgia: To live in fear is to live without God.

Alessandro Farnese: You are that well versed in the strategy of war?
Cesare Borgia: I suffered at school, not because I did not study, but because I studied Ceaser instead of Christ. For even Jesus said, give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's, and to God what is God's. But there is no place for God on the battlefield.

"Borgia: 1500 (#3.6)" (2014)
Cesare Borgia: Have you ever known the immodest sensuality of a secret affair?
Astore Manfredi: I have slept with courtesans.
Cesare Borgia: No, this is different. Money cannot be exchanged for this pleasure. You and a woman are both bound by law to others, yet drawn by lust. That which is forbidden binds you deeper and deeper, neither wanting the sweet rapture to ever end, but both knowing full well one day it will - suddenly and without satisfaction.

Giulia Farnese: [spurning him] No! Our dalliance is over. I love you father more than I love you.
Cesare Borgia: [grabbing her arm] You are a liar. You hate him, perhaps even more than you hate me.
[trying to kiss her]
Giulia Farnese: I will scream, and then let us see who is the better liar.
[pushes him away and leaves]

"Borgia: 1495 (#3.1)" (2014)
Cesare Borgia: We attack.
Vitellozzo Vitelli: A snake did not bite you?
Cesare Borgia: It did, but died of the venom inside me.

Attendant: You need to change your clothes.
Cesare Borgia: Our clothes are fine. We'll not be wearing them for long...

"Borgia: God's Monster (#1.11)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: You whore!
Fiametta Michaelis: I am the woman you created, Cardinal Borgia.

[last lines]
Cesare Borgia: Sometimes, I think that I am God's monster.
Alessandro Farnese: Then do not kill me.
Cesare Borgia: Beg for your life.
Alessandro Farnese: Please, do not kill me.
Cesare Borgia: Coward. I did not whimper when Marcantonio shoved his cock up my ass. I fought, as any man would. Are you a man, Alessandro? This fetus inside Silvia must belong to someone else. You have no balls, you never had. I could gore you, as a bull does.
Alessandro Farnese: Then do so, if that will make you feel good about yourself. But I know you, Cesare. In an hour, you will be drowning in a Tiber of remorse, weeping over my carcass. What I did was misguided, but done out of love. What you do now is pride. The worst sin against God, self-love.
Cesare Borgia: You and I are henceforth enemies...

"The Borgias: The Borgias in Love (#1.5)" (2011)
Niccolo Machiavelli: You are far too clever for a cardinal.
Cesare Borgia: The times make me so.

Vanozza Cattaneo: You could leave the church and displease your father if you dare.
Cesare Borgia: I fear nothing, Mother.

"Borgia: The Time of Sweet Desires (#2.1)" (2013)
Carlotta d'Aragona: He will not withdraw. He is too stubborn.
Cesare Borgia: I am a Borgia. We invented stubborn.

Carlotta d'Aragona: Yes, your withdraw may cause you embarrassment. But a man who has reason to be proud, knows the truth of himself within himself. Do you really care what others believe? Given they will believe what the choose about you anyway.
Cesare Borgia: You are wise. And for that I love you more. But I cannot change who I am, even for the woman I love.
Carlotta d'Aragona: Then, in reality, you do not truly know what love is.

"Borgia: 1505 (#3.12)" (2014)
Cesare Borgia: Any good lawyers knows that a trial begins, not when the court is convened, but the moment the accused is accused.

Giulia Farnese: [testifying] Cesare was born a perversion of nature. My brother has time and again attempted to save his friend. Even here, now, he tries. Always for naught. Cesare's a disease.
Niccolo Machiavelli: How so?
Giulia Farnese: Oh, in a very literal sense, he has the French disease. How many whores did you sleep with Cesare.
Cesare Borgia: [through his gag] Only you!

"Borgia: A Morality Play (#2.8)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: [chance encounter] Eminence...
Guillaume Briconnet: Forgive me, but I do not know how to address a former Cardinal, or the bastard son of the Pope.
Cesare Borgia: [calmly] You use the name given to me on the day of my christening. Guillaume, we have much in common despite the unfortunate past we share. Louis is fond of us both. Perhaps we should forgive each other for the sake of each other. And the King.
Guillaume Briconnet: I was unaware that a Borgia knew how to forgive.

Queen Anne: I admire you, Cesare, for your dogged pursuit of an unattainable dream.
Cesare Borgia: I am a cynic, except when confronted by love. Then, Majesty, any dream is possible. Did you ever think that you would be free to marry the man you truly love? Yet Charles lies in his tomb. And the annulment...
Queen Anne: You Italians, always so blunt.

"The Borgias: The Assassin (#1.2)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: [Looking at the dead bodies around Micheletto] You planned this massacre thoroughly.
Micheletto: If I had planned it, believe me, my lord, we would not be having this conversation.

Cesare Borgia: You are aware, Holy Father, of the plots against us?
Rodrigo Borgia: Oh, what would Rome be without a good plot?

"The Borgias: The Wolf and the Lamb (#3.5)" (2013)
Georges D'Amboise: [Greeting Cesare at the Avignon gate in his archbishop's garb] My Lord Borgia, you look quite sober for a duke.
Cesare Borgia: You look quite priestly for a king.

Joan of France: [Enraged after she has slapped Cesare] May you rot in the circle of Hell reserved for the Borgia family.
Cesare Borgia: There is no Hell, no Heaven either. This world is what we make of it.

"Borgia: Palm Sunday (#2.3)" (2013)
[first lines]
Cesare Borgia: [to the people] We've all experienced great tragedy these past ten days, as the deluge claimed homes and shops, loved ones and neighbors.
Peasant: All except you, Borgia! Safe behind high walls on this hill while we, we sleep down at the river's edge in huts, up to our assholes in mud!
Old Woman: And a monster prowls the shores!
Cesare Borgia: [to his advisor] A monster?
Agapito Geraldini: A mule's head on the body of a whore. One human arm, the other's an elephant's trunk. On its back, the bearded face of an old man. A tail like a neck, ending with a snake's head. Scaly limbs. It's left foot like a hoof, the right an eagle's talon.

Girolamo Savonarola: I am overjoyed to have my faith tested. I accept your challenge. But if I am to stand trial, Borgia, then so should you.
Cesare Borgia: I have no reason...
Girolamo Savonarola: If my faith is proven false, that does not prove your faith true. So, I challenge you. Eminence, in the name of Pope Alexander, to verify your righteousness. Or has the Borgia bull been castrated?
Cesare Borgia: You think me a boy of privilege, that I do not know pain. I have been tested by many, more powerful than you, yet here I stand. I have risen from the flames before, and I will rise in them again, a phoenix.
Girolamo Savonarola: Phoenix is a myth.
Cesare Borgia: And so may be the fires of hell.

"The Borgias: Day of Ashes (#2.6)" (2012)
Cesare Borgia: [to his assassins] Trust me. My name is Borgia.

"Borgia: Prelude to an Apocalypse (#1.8)" (2011)
Giovanni de Medici: You're a Cardinal, not a soldier. Remember, we fight in the name of our Lord. Faith is a powerful...
Cesare Borgia: Faith? What good is faith if we are massacred? Faith is a benefit bequeathed to the conqueror.

"Borgia: Miracles (#1.10)" (2011)
[first lines]
Shahzadeh Djem: You're in peril, Cesare. We Turks are masters of chess.
Cesare Borgia: You mean masters of the sneak attack.
Shahzadeh Djem: How much longer 'til we move on, 'til we reach Naples?
Cesare Borgia: With this weather? Quite a while.
Shahzadeh Djem: Istanbul is never so damp. The chill...
Royal Attendant: [announcing] King Charles.
Shahzadeh Djem: [jumping to his feet] Majesty, to what do we owe the honor?
King Charles VIII: I come bearing a dispatch, which I feel compelled to deliver in person. Shahzadeh, your son is dead. My condolences.
King Charles VIII: [reading] My son, murdered by my brother.
Shahzadeh Djem: [reading] My son Murdered by my brother. Bajazet cut off my boy's head. Oguzhan was only two years old.
Cesare Borgia: God, Allah, he will see that your son is nurtured and treasured.
Shahzadeh Djem: A man who kills a child is no man!
[begins weeping]

"Borgia: 1503, Part One (#3.9)" (2014)
Cesare Borgia: [to condemned men] Death is certain, life is not.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (2010) (VG)
Cesare Borgia: Chains will not hold me! I will not die by the hand of man!

"The Borgias: World of Wonders (#2.9)" (2012)
Niccolo Machiavelli: [Watching an accused witch being burned at the stake] If angels can fall from Heaven into Hell, then so we can all. The demon waits to devour us.
Cesare Borgia: Then go wrestle with the demon we must.

"The Borgias: Lucrezia's Wedding (#1.4)" (2011)
Cesare Borgia: [Seeing an ornately chained Native American for the first time] What Eden have they torn you from?

"The Borgias: The Gunpowder Plot (#3.9)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: I'm certain! I can't understand why you don't share my certainty!
Rodrigo Borgia: Certainty is the preserve of youth.

"The Borgias: Nessuno (Nobody) (#1.9)" (2011)
Giovanni Sforza: [as he is being released from a gunny sack after being kidnapped] Where am I?
Cesare Borgia: Where all roads lead to - Rome.

"Borgia: Ash Wednesday (#2.2)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: My ambitions are as cold as iron. But my heart is not.

"The Borgias: Tears of Blood (#3.8)" (2013)
Micheletto: [after both he and Cesare narrowly escape from the catacombs alive after an explosion] Jesus must love you, Cesare Borgia.
Cesare Borgia: [Referring to the Shroud of Turin] Yes, he wept. He wept bloody tears. He does... he does... He loves me!
Cesare Borgia: [shouting joyously] Jesus loves me!

"The Borgias: The Choice (#2.5)" (2012)
Cesare Borgia: Do you know anyone in Forli?
Micheletto: I know everyone in Forli. Eminence.
Cesare Borgia: How?
Micheletto: I was born there.
Cesare Borgia: I can't imagine you being born, Micheletto... or dying, for that matter. You must show me your ancestral home.

"The Borgias: Stray Dogs (#2.4)" (2012)
Rodrigo Borgia: So deception has a place in warfare?
Cesare Borgia: As in life.

"The Borgias: The Confession (#2.10)" (2012)
Cesare Borgia: [Referring to Savonarola] Who thought a body could stand so much pain! We've tortured the man near to death.
Niccolo Machiavelli: The strength of a faith misguided is still a strength. He thought he could walk through fire.

"The Borgias: The French King (#1.6)" (2011)
Ursula Bonadeo: [In bed] You make me hope, and I'm afraid of hope.
Cesare Borgia: Hope for what?
Ursula Bonadeo: For days like this in the future with you.

"The Borgias: Siblings (#3.3)" (2013)
Cesare Borgia: Take a breath, Roberto. Have some more wine. My wine. Take a dance in the garden. My garden. The pretty young noblewomen of Rome, I'm sure, would delight to have you paw at them.
Roberto: I care nothing for your pretty young noblewomen.
Cesare Borgia: Then, I will introduce you to some pretty young noblemen instead.

"Borgia: The Invasion of Rome (#1.9)" (2011)
Marcoantonio Colonna: [opening his prison cell] The vagaries of war have swung in your favor. Your cardinal's robes were destroyed. Here are peasant's clothes. Now, there's no time for you to bathe. Triple apologies.
Cesare Borgia: We shall meet once more. But only once.