Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
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Prince Andrei Bolkonsky (Character)
from War and Peace (1956)

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War and Peace (1966)
[Prince Andrei is dying]
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Natasha... I love you too much. More than anything in the world.
Natasha Rostova: And I! But why too much?
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Why too much? Well, what do you think? What do you feel in your soul, deep in your soul? Shall I live? What do you think?
Natasha Rostova: I'm sure of it.
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: How good that would be.

Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: How can you be sure what will do harm to another man?. Personally, I know of only two real evils in life: Remorse and sickness.And happiness is the absence of those two evils.

Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Yes, I told you that one should forgive a fallen woman.But I never said I would be able to.I can't forgive.

"War & Peace: Episode #1.5" (2016)
Andrei Bolkonsky: It was her soul I loved

"War & Peace: Episode #1.1" (2016)
Andrei Bolkonsky: Surely it is wrong that one man should own so much.
Prince Vassily Kuragin: The saying is, that we don't own our earthly possessions we merely curate for our heirs, for the generations to come. Looked at that way it's an honour and a duty.