Count Pierre Bezukhov
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Count Pierre Bezukhov (Character)
from War and Peace (1966)

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War and Peace (1956)
Pierre Bezukhov: I have sinned, Lord, but I have several excellent excuses.

Pierre Bezukhov: You can't hate something you've never known or understood.

Platon Karatsev: [explaining why a boy was executed] Where there's law, there's injustice.
[to his dog]
Platon Karatsev: C'mon, boy, get up, get up!
[to Pierre]
Platon Karatsev: But the maggot eats the cabbage - yet dies first.
Pierre Bezukhov: What did you say?
Platon Karatsev: I say things happen not as we plan them but as God judges.

Pierre Bezukhov: There are only two things in life that are really wrong: remorse and illness. When I've recovered from them both, I'll go out in the world again.

Pierre Bezukhov: [Before the Battle of Borodino] Such an enormous event! All our lives will be different from now on because of what is going to happen here tomorrow.

Platon Karatsev: [about the camp followers of Napoleon's retreating army] Russian women!
Pierre Bezukhov: They're the lice that live on the conquerors. They have to leave or die.

Pierre Bezukhov: [opens the bedroom drapes, while his spoiled wife sleeps on] Come on, Helene! We've got lots to do if we want to leave for the country.
Helene Kuragina: [very sleepy] Oh Pierre, it's so early!
[he kisses her, and she gets a crafty look on her face]
Helene Kuragina: Besides, it's so boring in the country.
Pierre Bezukhov: [Seriously] I'm sorry, my dear, but I promised those peasants I'd come and see them. They need a new hospital, and a new school, and many other things besides.
Helene Kuragina: [very spoiled] Well they can starve just as well without a school, and they can die just as well without a hospital!
[catches herself, changes her tune]
Helene Kuragina: Pierre, why don't you go on without me? You can do what you have to do, and I'll come visit you in a few months time.
Helene Kuragina: You'll appreciate me so much more after a few months of sleeping alone.

"War & Peace: Episode #1.6" (2016)
Pierre Bezukhov: They say sufferings are our misfortunes. But if I was asked if I'd stay as I was before I was taken prisoner or go through it all again, I'd say for god's sake let me be a prisoner again. When our lives are knocked off course we imagine everything in them is lost. It is only the start of something new and good. As long as there is life there is happiness. There is a great deal, a great deal still to come.

"War & Peace: Episode #1.1" (2016)
Pierre Bezukhov: Surely it is wrong that one man should own so much.
Prince Vassily Kuragin: The saying is, that we don't own our earthly possessions we merely curate for our heirs, for the generations to come. Looked at that way it's an honour and a duty.

War and Peace (1966)
Platon Karataev: Well, though it's the worm that gnaws the cabbage, it's first to die.
Pierre Bezukhov: What was that you said?
Platon Karataev: I say it's not by our wit, but as God thinks fit.