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Kentaro Sakata (Character)
from "Love Hina" (2000)

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"Love Hina Again" (2002)
Kentaro Sakata: Why did you run away from him?
Naru Narusegawa: Hey, let me ask you something. Have you ever fallen in love with someone that your friends liked, too?
Kentaro Sakata: I don't know. Why do you ask?
Naru Narusegawa: It's like you want your friends to be your friends for life. But when you start dating someone and end up falling in love with that someone, you can't have the same kind of friendship with them anymore. Being in love is kind of uncomfortable. It seems like there are so many things to worry about. And some of the time, it's scary.
Kentaro Sakata: Scary?
Naru Narusegawa: Just think - if I were to become Keitaro's girlfriend - what about Shinobu and Motoko? I wouldn't know how to face them! And what about Kitsune and Su, they may be upset! You see? And not only that, Keitaro and I have always had so much fun just messing around. But once we really become boyfriend and girlfriend, we might not be able to have the same kind of fun anymore.
Kentaro Sakata: Are you saying that it's all right if Keitaro goes out with Kanako?
Naru Narusegawa: [suddenly angry] Over my dead body, I don't EVER want that to happen!
Kentaro Sakata: Then say no more, that proves you're in love with Keitaro.
Naru Narusegawa: But I just can't imagine being a perfect girlfriend, you know?
Kentaro Sakata: What's the big deal if you don't sleep with him?
Naru Narusegawa: Do what? Well, wait, I'm not saying that, exactly. Sometimes it's all right, I guess.
Kentaro Sakata: OH, NARU, YOU ARE SO...
[suddenly rips off a face mask, revealing himself as Kanako]
Kanako Urashima: ...PATHETIC!
Naru Narusegawa: [shocked] Kanako!