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Vince Black (Character)
from "Renegade" (1992)

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"Renegade: Offshore Thunder (#4.8)" (1995)
Reno Raines: [channel surfing] Bobby, what are they gonna do with the five hundred channels of the future? I mean, they can't even fill the stations they already have.

Reno Raines: Sorry about your friend, Deb.
Debbie Prentice: Excuse me.
Debbie Prentice: Reno?
Reno Raines: Hi.
Debbie Prentice: Oh my God. It's really you.
Reno Raines: They had the crash footage on TV, and I saw your face.
Debbie Prentice: [slaps him across the cheek] Just what the hell do you think you're doing here?

Bobby Sixkiller: Ahoy, mateys!
Reno Raines: Oh look, it's Captain Crunch.

[last lines]
Reno Raines: Take care, little sister.
Debbie Prentice: Ride safe, big brother.

"Renegade: Hog Calls (#4.21)" (1996)
[after Atty Joanna Muir falls down from a deadly shot]
Reno Raines: Joanna, Joanna, where are the tapes, the Hound's tapes, where are they? Please, Joanna, tell me, tell me where the tapes are. Joanna, where are those tapes? Where are Hound's tapes, Joanna?
[lets her go after coming to terms that she's dead]

[after Ashley kisses him for saving her life from her abusing mobster boyfriend]
Reno Raines: What are you gonna do now?
Ashley Bond: Try to make up for the last two years. I'm not very proud of my life so far.
Reno Raines: Something tells me that you will be from now on.