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Choobo (Character)
from Power Rangers: Super Legends (2007) (VG)

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"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Double-Edged Blake (#1.31)" (2003)
[Lothor's horde is reviewing footage of their past Ranger battles]
Zurgane: [as Choobo laughs] What's so funny?
Choobo: You lose as much as I do.
Zurgane: At least I'm still a general!
Shimazu: In my day a general had to EARN his rank!
Motodrone: In YOUR day they fought with wooden sticks and horses!

Kapri: [an announcement] We're tired of being losers.
Lothor: [stunned] I'm sorry? Say that again?
Marah: Okay, so we're sick of being the joke of the evil space ninja community.
Kapri: Yeah, and we have a plan. A plan to get rid of the Power Rangers once and for all.
Lothor: You do?
Kapri: We do.
Lothor: Well, so do I, and here it is.
[Lothor puts a cage around his nieces]
Choobo: [as the other generals laugh] Finally.
Kapri: This wasn't part of the plan.
Lothor: I'm tired of babysitting. The time has come to be serious. Unfortunately, that word and you two simply do not go together. Now sit there and be quiet while we try to figure out how to salvage some dignity for ourselves.

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Shane's Karma: Part I (#1.26)" (2003)
Lothor: Vexacus has chased the Carmanian into the hands of a Power Ranger. They can not be allowed to unite.
Choobo: No. No.
Lothor: Zurgane.
Zurgane: Sir.
Lothor: Do whatever you have to do to prevent this from happening.

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Return of Thunder: Part IV (#1.13)" (2003)
Choobo: You Rangers and your teamwork really cheese me off!

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: A Gem of a Day (#1.35)" (2003)
Lothor: Who told you you could destroy my number one general?
Vexacus: Forgive me, but I thought you'd be pleased.
Choobo: Huh?
Vexacus: A mighty warrior such as you deserves a mighty general at his side. Zurgane had done nothing but fail you.
Lothor: I suppose that's true. - and I did say it was his last chance.
Vexacus: So, in the end, I did you a favor.
Lothor: Even so, in the future you will not destroy my men without my direct orders!

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Return of Thunder: Part I (#1.10)" (2003)
Choobo: I decided to leave Lothor's army.
Blake: Leave?
Choobo: Defect. Turn over a new leaf. Go to the light side.
Hunter: Who says the light side would want you?
Choobo: Because bitter ex-employees have all sorts of information.

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: There's No 'I' in Team (#1.2)" (2003)
[Mad Magnet is destroyed and all his evil is undone except for Kapri and Marah's continued attachment at their tailbones]
Kapri: How come we're still stuck?
Choobo: Don't you mean "stuck up?" Heh, heh-heh-heh.

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Shane's Karma: Part II (#1.27)" (2003)
Hunter: Give us back our stuff!
Choobo: Make me.
Dustin: Okay.

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Shimazu Returns: Part II (#1.29)" (2003)
Kapri: We were thinking...
Lothor: Always a problem.
Kapri: ...what better way to take over Earth thaaaaaaaan...
Marah: a talent show!
Kapri: Yeah!
Lothor: Hmm. Congratulations. I believe you've come up with your stupidest idea ever.
Choobo: But, sir, if they win the talent show, they get a big recording contract.
Marah: Yeah.
Choobo: And no one is more powerful on Earth than pop stars.
Lothor: Fine. Enter your contest. But stay out of the way of the REAL evil geniuses around here.

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Return of Thunder: Part III (#1.12)" (2003)
Lothor: Will you look at that? Isn't that precious? One big, dysfunctional superhero family. The only problem is - THERE'RE ESCAPING!
Choobo: Sir, it's just minor setback. If you allow me one more chance, I'm sure I can...
Lothor: You can what? Give them the keys to the spaceship so they can take a spin around the moon?

"Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Snip It, Snip It Good (#1.9)" (2003)
Choobo: But what about the Power Ranger? They'll probably be there to guard it.
Lothor: I thought we agreed: Nobody mentions the 'P' word.