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Quotes for
Smike (Character)
from Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

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Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
[At the assembly to see Smike flogged for running away]
Mr. Squeers: Is every boy here? Get back! You too Nickleby!
[to Smike]
Mr. Squeers: And you. Have you anything to say?
Smike: [Crying] Please, sir, spare me.
Mr. Squeers: I'll spare you. I'll flog you to within an inch of your life, and I'll spare you then.
[Squeers strikes him once, Smike cries out in pain]
Nicholas: Stop! This must not go on. I will not allow it.
Mr. Squeers: You dare to challenge my authority! Stay back!
Nicholas: Touch him at your peril! I will not stand by and see it done.
Mr. Squeers: You will do as you're told!
Nicholas: If you raise the devil within me, the consequences shall fall on your own head! Once I begin, God help you!
[Nicholas grabs the stick and starts hitting Squeers with it]
Mr. Squeers: Stop! No, please, wait!
Nicholas: I do not know why, but I am going to show you what you have never shown any boy in this room... Pity.
[Nicholas cuts down Smike and helps him out]

Smike: What faces will smile on me when I die? Who will comfort me that long night? They cannot come from home. They would frighten me if they did, for I shouldn't know them. No. There is no hope.

Smike: Though I would have died to make her happy it broke my heart to see. I know he loves her dearly.
Nicholas: Kate.
Smike: I love her.

Smike: Now. Now I can say it. I am happy.

Smike: Tomorrow where will you go?
Nicholas: Perhaps to Liverpool. I could find work on a ship. Do not be anxious. Before I do anything I will get you to your home. Where is it?
Smike: You are my home.
Nicholas: [affectionately] Smike.
Smike: Please may I go with you to sea? I will be your faithful, hardworking servant, I will. Promise I will. I want only to be near you.
Nicholas: Smike, the wall that separates us shall never be set by me. And I promise you, from this night forward, the world shall deal by you as it does by me.

Nicholas: [on the Squeers treating Smike badly because he is friends with Nicholas] You will do better when I am gone.
Smike: [alarmed] Gone? When are you going?
Nicholas: I would go tomorrow if I could.
Smike: Tell me, is the world as bad as this place?
Nicholas: [smiles] Oh no.
Smike: Should I ever meet you there?
Nicholas: Well, yes I'm sure at...
Smike: No, no tell me. Tell me that I should be sure to find you.
Nicholas: [affirmatively] You would and I would help you and aid you. I would not bring fresh sorrow on you as they have done here.