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Newman Noggs (Character)
from Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

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Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
Nicholas: That's John Browdie.
Newman Noggs: Is he good or bad.
Nicholas: He gave me money when he heard I'd beaten Squeers.
Newman Noggs: Oh, than he's good.

Ralph Nickleby: Stop parroting me.
Newman Noggs: I wish I was a parrot. Then I would fly away.
Ralph Nickleby: I wish you were a parrot, too. I'd wring your neck.

Newman Noggs: Are you at home?
Ralph Nickleby: Yes.
Newman Noggs: To anybody?
Ralph Nickleby: Yes.
Newman Noggs: To the tax gatherer?
Ralph Nickleby: No.

John Browdie: [of the kidnapped Smike] He's in the schoolmaster's room, next to Tilda's and my room.
Nicholas: What is the way in?
John Browdie: You must go through the inn, but the schoolmaster is sitting in the front room just by the stairs.
Newman Noggs: Oh dear. It's impossible.
John Browdie: I could distract the schoolmaster, you could slip past and go to my room, there is a door adjoining the schoolmaster's, go through it, get the lad. I'll watch the stairs and again try to disrtact him when you come out.
Newman Noggs: If I could offer an opinion in regards to this scheme? It seems, uh, foolhardy, riddled with danger, and doomed to failure. Otherwise I can find no fault with it. It is for Smike.