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Quotes for
Ralph Nickleby (Character)
from Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

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Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
Ralph Nickleby: He was stolen, right from under you?
Wackford Squeers: Not to be literal about it, and I'm not sure if this will dissipate your various strong emotions on the subject, but he was actually stolen right from over me.

Ralph Nickleby: Stop parroting me.
Newman Noggs: I wish I was a parrot. Then I would fly away.
Ralph Nickleby: I wish you were a parrot, too. I'd wring your neck.

Lord Verisopht: If you had only told him who you were as he asked... I was wrong too, not to interfere. I did not sleep the night for thinking about it.
Ralph Nickleby: Any mistakes that were made were made by the boy. I am his uncle and even I can see that he is no good.
Lord Verisopht: He was defending the honor of his sister. That is the very definition of goodness. How can you not be proud of what he has done in defense of your own niece?
Ralph Nickleby: You will be glad, my lord, that I possess such an unsentimental view when I am managing your investments.
Lord Verisopht: Mr. Nickleby, I am no longer sure I can make an investment with you.
Ralph Nickleby: Because of my nephew?
Lord Verisopht: Because of your treatment of him. And his sister. When I think of her leaving the theatre that night, I feel sick to recall it. Surely there is another way for me to expand my fortune than to enrich the tormentor of these children.

Newman Noggs: Are you at home?
Ralph Nickleby: Yes.
Newman Noggs: To anybody?
Ralph Nickleby: Yes.
Newman Noggs: To the tax gatherer?
Ralph Nickleby: No.

Ralph Nickleby: I will strike him. I will strike him, until he can be struck no more.

Ralph Nickleby: I will put his ruin ahead of my own business! I will listen to every rumour, every rumble until I can strike him. And then I will strike him, until he can be struck no more.

Mrs. Nickleby: [Nicholas' father, Ralph's brother, died] Mine was no common loss.
Ralph Nickleby: I was no uncommon loss. Husbands die every day. And wives.
Nicholas: Brothers also.
Ralph Nickleby: Yes, and puppies, too.

Mrs. Nickleby: We feel he died of a broken heart.
Ralph Nickleby: Pooh, there's no such thing.
Nicholas: [resentfully] Indeed, if you have no heart to break.

Ralph Nickleby: Are you threatening now to tell others of whatever you learned when you were my clerk? To be plain, Mr. Brooker, the world already knows what sort of man I am and I do not grow poorer. You cannot stain a black coat.

Ralph Nickleby: There he is! He's the man with one eye. Though popular prejudice runs in favor of two.