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Richard Cross (Character)
from "Murder One" (1995)

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"Murder One: Chapter Ten (#1.10)" (1996)
[Ted Hoffman confronts Richard Cross about all the vile things he's done recently]
Theodore Hoffman: I know what you did Richard; even if I'll never be able to prove it. Just as I know you were involved in this girl's murder; and Dave Blalock's; and Jessica Costello's. Blow all the smoke you want, I see right through it. I see through the alibis, the surrogates, the veils of lies and deception, to the sickness at the core of your being.
Richard Cross: [Speaking softly] I'm going to leave now before any more hurtful things are said that might make it that much harder to mend fences later on. Good night my friend.

Richard Cross: Teddy, if you are implying that I started those awful rumors about you and Francesca just to gain some advantage...
Theodore Hoffman: I'm not implying Richard, I'm stating the facts as I understand them to be.