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Ray Velacek (Character)
from "Murder One" (1995)

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"Murder One: Chapter Ten (#1.10)" (1996)
[a key witness for the defense has just died of unknown causes while in police custody. Ted Hoffman believes Richard Cross is involved]
Theodore Hoffman: What are the actuarials of a woman in her thirties dropping dead on cue?
Ray Velacek: If it was a hit, it was pretty sophisticated.
Theodore Hoffman: Richard Cross is a pretty sophisticated guy.

"Murder One: Chapter Fourteen (#1.14)" (1996)
[Earlier in the season, David Blalock died trying to get an important videotape for Ted. Ray has just acquired it, and both he and Ted have just finished viewing it]
Ray Velacek: This tape pretty well kills Richard Cross' alibi.
Theodore Hoffman: Not to mention, it pretty well killed Davey Blalock.