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Chris Docknovich (Character)
from "Murder One" (1995)

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"Murder One: Chapter Seven (#1.7)" (1995)
[Chris Docknovich and Justine Appleton are with Ted in his office. D.A. Roger Garfield and Miriam Grasso are on the TV holding a press conference about the leaks coming from the DA's office]
D.A. Roger Garfield: [reading from a prepared statement] In any case involving significant public interest there are bound to be unsubstantiated leaks and rumours. While it is impossible to shut down all of these leak, it has come to my attention, that at least one of them has emanated from this office...
[focus returns to Ted's office. The statement continues in the background]
Theodore Hoffman: Shocking! Gambling in Casablance.
D.A. Roger Garfield: ...strongest possible assurance to the press and the public at large that every effort has been made to see that this does not occur again. To the extent that this episode has embarrassed Miriam Grasso, she has my sincerest apologies...
[Focus returns to Ted's office. The statement continues in the background]
Chris Docknovich: He's not just down on one knee; he's in full grovel.
D.A. Roger Garfield: ...This case is her's to win.
Justine Appleton: In other words, guess whose ass it is if Neil walks.

[Ted and Chris Docknovich are in Miriam Grasso's office watching a news report about how the defense will sleep better now that Miriam has quit from prosecuting the case]
Miriam Grasso: How'bout it Ted? Getting any more sleep these days?
Theodore Hoffman: I feel like I've been watching a production of waiting for Godot. It's fascinating, but what does it mean?
Miriam Grasso: It means that the leak about Lester's nurse came from Garfield. I cornered him in his office. Told him I didn't appreciate him going around me to the press. And then after a brief stab at a denial, he admitted it. And one thing led to another and I quit.
Theodore Hoffman: Do you think that's wise?
Miriam Grasso: I'm not getting rich in this job Teddy. All I have is my reputation. I think your client's guilty as hell. But I don't like to feel like somebody's puppet. Especially when it's Roger Garfield's hand that's up my dress.
Miriam Grasso: [Directed to Chris Docknovich] Excuse my language young man.
Theodore Hoffman: Who's replacing you?
Miriam Grasso: It's up to Roger.
Theodore Hoffman: Well, speaking personally Miriam, I'm gonna miss you.
Miriam Grasso: With all due modesty, you've got a better chance of getting Neil off without me.
Theodore Hoffman: Maybe. But this case is turning into a circus. And if Garfield has his way, it's gonna get worse. This case needs your honesty Miriam.
Miriam Grasso: Blow any more smoke up my bustle and you're gonna set the sprinklers off.
Theodore Hoffman: It's no flattery; it's the truth. Stay on the case.
Miriam Grasso: Funny; you didn't seem quite this charitable last night on Deadline America.
Theodore Hoffman: New deck, new deal. We'll start over.
Miriam Grasso: I don't know Ted. But I'll take it under advisement.
[Chris and Ted get up and leave Grasso's office]
Chris Docknovich: Teddy. Did I miss something in there? Getting Grasso off the case is the best thing that could've happened to us.
Theodore Hoffman: How much money you got in your pocket?
Chris Docknovich: Well, maybe thirty bucks.
Theodore Hoffman: I'll put up my next week's draw against your thirty dollars that before the week is out, Miriam Grasso will be back on the case and Roger Garfield will be licking her boot.
Chris Docknovich: She just quit!
Theodore Hoffman: She's paper training that idiot. If you think Miriam is gonna walk off the biggest case in her life, you got another thing coming.

"Murder One: Chapter Two (#1.2)" (1995)
Theodore Hoffman: Either of you notice the only two guys mentioned with whom young Jessica didn't have sex?
Justine Appleton: Richard Cross.
Theodore Hoffman: And Graham Lester.
Chris Docknovich: [Chris sighs] They're either saints, homos, or something's out of whack.
Justine Appleton: Well, they're not saints.

"Murder One: Chapter Thirteen (#1.13)" (1996)
[Richard Cross has just left Ted's office]
Chris Docknovich: What did Cross want?
Theodore Hoffman: To deny that he's HIV positive; and to accuse me of spreading the rumour.
Chris Docknovich: How'd he know we were looking into that?
Theodore Hoffman: Best guess; he's got a mole in the DA's office.
Chris Docknovich: Meaning the rumour is true, or it isn't.
Theodore Hoffman: After Losey, I was prepared to say no. But when Richard Cross tells me there's no smoke, I look for fire.

"Murder One: Chapter Sixteen (#1.16)" (1996)
[Gary Blondo has finished his testimony and comes off looking like a perverted child molester/murderer. He gets into his wheelchair and is wheeled out of court]
Gary Blondo: [In a sickly and pityful manner] Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to get in my chair and see if I can salvage what remains of my career and my marriage. They took an EKG of my heart the other day, and they may have found an arrithmea, but they found no hatred there, no perversion...
[he rambles on]
Chris Docknovich: I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard.
Theodore Hoffman: Don't. If there's ever a nuclear holocaust, find Gary Blondo and stand next to him. The man's a survivor.