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Caroline Appleby (Character)
from "I Love Lucy" (1951)

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"I Love Lucy: Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress (#3.3)" (1953)
Lucy Ricardo: Now, I would like to talk about the club's yearly show. I think that we should schedule it for some time next week.
Ethel Mertz: Next week?
Marion Strong: But it's so close to the bazaar.
Clubwoman: Well, it's only three months since we had our last yearly show.
Lucy Ricardo: Yes, I know. Now, if you'll all be quiet, I'll have Caroline tell you the wonderful reason. Caroline?
Caroline Appleby: Well, as you all know, my husband is the manager of a television station, and last night we were talking, and he just happened to mention that there was one half hour of time that they hadn't been able to sell. So I said to him, "Charlie, how about letting our Women's Club put on a show during that half hour?" And he said... well, never mind what he said. Well, anyway, after I talked to him for awhile, he finally agreed that our Club could have the time.
Lucy Ricardo: [chatter of delight and approval from everyone] Girls, girls, girls, let's be businesslike about this, now. What time did he agree to give us, Caroline?
Caroline Appleby: Uh, next Monday, from twelve to twelve-thirty.
Ethel Mertz: Oh, that's a fine time. That's right in the middle of the day when everybody's home.
Caroline Appleby: Yeah, well, everybody's home all right, but it's not the middle of the day. It's twelve midnight.

"I Love Lucy: The Camping Trip (#2.29)" (1953)
Caroline Appleby: [a foursome playing cards] It's your lead, Lucy.
Lucy Ricardo: [frustrated, stalling] I know it.
Caroline Appleby: Play it while you're still young.