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Merlock (Character)
from DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)

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DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)
Merlock: Now, give it to me.
Dijon: Give? What give?
Merlock: The map. Give it to me.
Dijon: The map, that specific map right here right now?
Merlock: [grabbing Dijon by the collar in fury] You didn't steal it?
Dijon: Too many people, Merlock. Only one Dijon, but look what I did steal... several billfolds... this handy pocket watch... floss... a date nut bar... and two tickets to the feta cheese festival. For you, master.
[Merlock drops him]
Dijon: Maybe you would like the floss?

Dijon: Where is everybody?
Merlock: They have vanished!
Dijon: But how?
Merlock: [shouts] With the lamp, you fool! And you will help me get it back...
[shows Dijon a group of giant scorpions]
Merlock: ...or their sting will seem like a tickle compared to mine.

Merlock: You remember our magnificent old home?
Genie: Yeah, Casa De Coo-Coo.

Merlock: At last, after all these centuries, the lamp will be mine again!
Dijon: Yes, yes! You will be more powerful than, than... locomotive! More faster than speeding bull! You will leap all buildings in a single town!

Merlock: Are you certain this is where Scrooge lives?
Dijon: Oh, this time I am very sure. I think.
Merlock: Then we begin our search.
Dijon: In the light? But I am not a popular favorite of that house! Scrooge find me, he kill me!
Merlock: [shoves Dijon back into a briar patch] Then stay behind, if you wish! I'll try very hard to remember you at reward time.

Scrooge McDuck: You maniac! Return the bin before I stuff that lamp down your throat!
Genie: Uh-uh! Bad move! Bad!
Merlock: You threaten me?
Genie: [runs to Merlock] Please, Merlock. He's had a lousy day. Maybe a hot bath and a warm glass of goats milk oughta do...
Merlock: [shouts] Silence! I wish you to cast him out of my house!
Genie: No! No! I can't!
Merlock: [shouts] Do it
[he points the lamp at Genie causing him to spin around]
Genie: [in pain] I have no choice!
Scrooge McDuck: I... I understand.

Merlock: Where is the lamp?