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Kaname Chidori (Character)
from "Full Metal Panic!" (2002)

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"Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu" (2003)
Sousuke Sagara: [to a mass of hysterical students] What are you people crying for?
Kaname Chidori: Quiet, you! We're all busy reflecting on the human conscience right now. You just stay over there and die!

Yakuza thug: [pointing to Kaname] She's the one who sicced that freakin' Bonta Kun on us!
Kaname Chidori: [while standing behind Sousuke] Yeah, you wanna fight? I'll summon Bonta-Kun again! He'll fumoffu your ass until you cry!

Issei Tsubaki: Sagara! Sagara! Sagara!
[can't see because his glasses aren't on and he is looking for Sousuke among the class]
Sousuke Sagara: Put your glasses on, Tsubaki
Issei Tsubaki: Shut up! Why didn't you make it to the duel?
Sousuke Sagara: What duel?
Issei Tsubaki: Don't play stupid, you know I put a letter of challenge in your locker yesterday!
Kaname Chidori: [slides over] So that was a letter of challenge
Sousuke Sagara: That's news to me...
Issei Tsubaki: What? You mean you didn't read it?
Sousuke Sagara: I'm afraid I couldn't I blew it up.
Issei Tsubaki: What are you, some kind of freak? Take this, Sagara!
Issei Tsubaki: [takes the Janitor down instead with the move he had intended to hit Sousuke with] Well, have you learned your lesson, Sagara?

Kaname Chidori: [trying to push Sousake out of a train window] If you have any pity, put yourself out of my misery!