Mr. Bumble
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Mr. Bumble (Character)
from Oliver! (1968)

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Oliver Twist (1948)
Mr. Brownlow: The law assumes that your wife acts under your direction.
Mr. Bumble: If the law supposes that, then the law is a ass, a idiot! If that's the eye of the law, then the law is a bachelor. And the worst I wish the law is that his eye may be opened by experience.

Mr. Bumble: You'll make your fortune Mr Sowerberry.
Mr. Sowerberry: The prices allowed by the board are very small.
Mr. Bumble: So are the coffins.

Mr. Bumble: Where is this audacious young savage?

Mr. Bumble: Cry your hardest now, it opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes and softens down the temper. So cry away.

Oliver Twist (1982/I) (TV)
Mr. Bumble: [deciding on Oliver's name] The last was 'S'... Swubble. This is 'T'. I name him Twist... Oliver Twist.

Mr. Bumble: [Brownlow has told Bumble he intends to bring charges against him for his mistreatment of Oliver and the other orphans] If that's the law, then the law is an ass!

Oliver Twist: [holding out his empty bowl] Please sir, I want some more.
Mr. Bumble: [in disbelief] He wants some more!

Oliver! (1968)
[about Oliver]
Mr. Bumble: Mother came to us destitute. Brings a child into the world, takes one look at him and promptly dies - -without leaving so much as a forwarding name and address!

Oliver Twist: Please sir, I want some more.
Mr. Bumble: [thinking he must not have heard right] What?
Oliver Twist: Please sir, I want some...
[pauses hesitatingly]
Oliver Twist: more?
Mr. Bumble: [surprised beyond belief] More?

Mr. Brownlow: In the eyes of the law, you are the more guilty of the two, for the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction.
Mr. Bumble: If that's what the law supposes, sir, then the law is a ass! If that be the eyes of the law, sir, then the law is a bachelor!

Oliver Twist (2005)
Mrs. Sowerberry: Is the boy mad?
Mr. Bumble: Tis not madness, Ma'am, it's meat
Mrs. Sowerberry: Meat?
Mr. Bumble: Meat, ma'am, meat! If you kept the boy on gruel this would have never have happened.
Mrs. Sowerberry: Oh my, this is what comes of being liberal.

Mr. Bumble: Oliver Twist has asked for more?
Mr. Limbkins: FOR MORE!

"Dickensian: Episode #1.3" (2015)
Mrs. Gamp (2015): You have the patience of a saint, Mr Bumble. I've often said so. Now, you warm yourself by the fire and let me fetch you a drink.
Mr. Bumble: Oh, Mrs Gamp! Thank you! Your nursing capacity knows no bounds.
[Handing over some coins]
Mr. Bumble: A small ale will suffice.
[Mrs Gamp remains where she is, an expectant look on her face]
Mr. Bumble: Oh! Could I tempt you to join me?
Mrs. Gamp (2015): [She gasps] Mr Bumble! Drinking during the day? In the company of a married gentleman? In a public place for everyone to see? And to risk them what sees jumping to conclusions which are untrue and without foundation? And risking my own good name and my standing in the community for the sake of a shot of gin?
[She wags her finger disapprovingly]
Mrs. Gamp (2015): Better make it just the one.