Dr. Alex Stone
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Dr. Alex Stone (Character)
from "The Donna Reed Show" (1958)

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"The Donna Reed Show: The Foundling (#1.6)" (1958)
Alex Stone: Honey, please, we're already running an adoption agency; let's not start a matrimonial bureau.

Donna Stone: [A policeman has arrived to pick up the baby left at the Stones' doorstep] Why aren't you out looking for the mother?
Dr. Alex Stone: Alright, will you calm down? The officer is just doing his duty.
Milkman: Did you bring your handcuffs and your tear gas? This kid looks pretty tough, you know.
Policeman: All I know is the radio said to pick up a baby.
Kathleen: You believe everything you hear on a radio?
Milkman: That's telling him, Kathleen.
Dr. Alex Stone: Tony, Kathleen, BE QUIET!
Donna Stone: Alex, you don't have to shout. We can hear you. Now, can't we settle this calmly and rationally?
Dr. Alex Stone: The officer and I are the only rational people in this house.
Policeman: That's for sure.

Kathleen: Poor little baby.
Dr. Alex Stone: Now Kathleen, you go to work!
[To Tony]
Dr. Alex Stone: And if I hear another word out of you, we'll switch to another milk company!
Donna Stone: Alex, I've never seen you like this.
Dr. Alex Stone: That's because I've never been driven out of my mind before.
Donna Stone: Alright I-I'm not going to argue with you anymore. If you want to turn a poor, defenseless baby over to an orphanage,
[hands baby to Alex]
Donna Stone: Go ahead. Don't consider the poor mother's feelings, just
[begins to cry]
Donna Stone: turn it over to the police.
Dr. Alex Stone: [After pause; sighs] Officer, will you leave the child in my custody for the time being, er, until you find the mother?
Policeman: With the greatest of pleasure.
Kathleen: I've got to hand it to you, doctor. You know, you may be a little hard on the outside, but on the inside I know you're a good, decent man.
Milkman: Well he didn't fool me for a minute. No, siree. Anybody married to Mrs. Stone has gotta be okay.

"The Donna Reed Show: The Football Uniform (#1.5)" (1958)
Alex Stone: [when Jeff wants to give away his toy rocket] Well, there went two bucks into outer space.

Donna Stone: Hi, Alex, you busy?
Alex Stone: Hi, what can I do for you?
Donna Stone: I just stopped by to say hello.
Alex Stone: Hello.
Donna Stone: My, Tom Ellis really started something with all that talk about uniforms, didn't he?
Alex Stone: As a matter of fact, I am busy.

"The Donna Reed Show: The Baby Contest (#1.11)" (1958)
Alex Stone: The very first time I saw her I said, "Now that's a baby". You remember me saying that, Miss Archer?
Secretary: As though it were yesterday, sir.

"The Donna Reed Show: Nothing But the Truth (#1.17)" (1959)
David Barker: Do you still have Jeff?
Alex Stone: Um, yes, we let the cat go but we still have Jeff.
Mary Stone: We should've kept the cat.

"The Donna Reed Show: The Beaded Bag (#1.12)" (1958)
Alex Stone: Mary is right. You are.
Donna Stone: Are you going to finish that sentence or leave me dangling?
Alex Stone: Mary has a theory that you're a woman.
Donna Stone: I've been trying to tell you that for years.

"The Donna Reed Show: A Very Merry Christmas (#1.14)" (1958)
Donna Stone: Oh, honey, the Martin's sent us a Christmas present!
Dr. Alex Stone: Why the panic? Is it a timebomb?
Donna Stone: Well, it might as well be - I didn't get them anything. You see, I wasn't sure they were going to get anything for us and I was afraid if we gave them something and they didn't get... Oh, honey, Christmas should be warm and friendly and peaceful.
Dr. Alex Stone: I agree with you, darling, and if you want mine to be peaceful, don't forget Miss Clark's present.