Alexander Graham Bell
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Alexander Graham Bell (Character)
from The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)

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The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)
Alexander Graham Bell: Mr. Watson, come here, I want you!

Alexander Graham Bell: Your honor... Have I committed some offense by starving in an attic? By spending sleepless nights at my work? By being too poor to own a decent scrap of paper, on which to tell her of my love? I have sat here for days and heard myself called liar, thief, fraud and cheat. I've seen my friends humiliated, my invention belittled, just as I have seen my business destroyed by methods which must leave every honest man appalled.

Alexander Graham Bell: Shall the lonely scientist, the man who dreams, and out of his dreams benefits the world, is he, that often half-starved, lonely little man, to be told the world has no need of him the moment his work is done?
Alexander Graham Bell: Is he to be told that others, less gifted, but stronger, men with money and power behind them, are waiting to take the product of his genius and turn it to their own uses? -leaving him with liar and thief branded on his brow as his only reward? Do that, and you stop the clock of progress. You smother the spark of genius that lies hidden here and there throughout the world. Do that, and the world stands still.

"This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Great Inventors (#1.6)" (1989)
Linus Van Pelt: Mr. Bell once said to a group of children...
Alexander Graham Bell: Do not keep forever on the public road; go to only where others have gone. Leave the beaten path occasionally, and dive into the woods. It'll be certain to find something you've never seen before. Of course, it will be a little thing, but do not ignore it, follow it up. Explore all around it. One discovery will lead to another, and before you know it, you've left something worth thinking about to occupy your mind. All really big discoveries are the result of thought.

Alexander Graham Bell: [about to pour the acid for the transmitter] I have to put the acid here...
[he accidently knocks the acid over, burning his hand]
Alexander Graham Bell: Oh, no! Mr. Watson, come here! I want you!
Thomas Watson: [hearing him through the receiver, then jumping for joy] That's it... that's it, that's *it*!
[Bell returns to the room where Watson and Linus are listening]
Thomas Watson: That's it! I heard every word! You said, "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you"!
Alexander Graham Bell: [chuckles] At last! At long last! Congratulations, Thomas!
Thomas Watson: [shaking hands with Bell] Congratulations, Mr. Bell!
Marian Edison: Wow! Wait'll I tell Charlie Brown!