Lord Robert Dudley
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Lord Robert Dudley (Character)
from "Elizabeth I" (2005)

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Elizabeth (1998)
Lord Robert: Remember who you are. Do not be afraid of them.

Lord Robert: Marry me.
Elizabeth: On a night such as this, could any woman say no?
Lord Robert: On a night such as this, could a queen say no?
Elizabeth: Does not a queen sit under the same stars as any other woman?

Elizabeth: Just tell me why.
Lord Robert: Why? Madam, is it not plain enough to you? 'Tis no easy thing to be loved by the queen. It would corrupt the soul of any man.

Lord Robert: When you are Queen...
Elizabeth: I am not...
Elizabeth: I am not Queen yet!
Lord Robert: You will be. Elizabeth, Queen of England. A court to worship you, a country to obey you, poems written celebrating your beauty, music composed in your honor, and they will mean nothing to you. I will mean nothing to you.
Elizabeth: [laughs gaily] How could you ever be nothing to me? Robert, you know you are everything to me.

Lord Robert: You blush, Lady Knollys. Are you in love?
Isabel Knollys: No, my lord.
Lord Robert: Then you should be, or waste all that beauty.
[the ladies-in-waiting giggle]

Lord Robert: Monsignor Alvaro! Monsignor Alvaro! Monsignor Alvaro, tell me. As well as ambassador, are you not also a bishop?
De la Quadra: I am, my lord.
Lord Robert: [referring to himself and Elizabeth] Then you can marry us!
De la Quadra: Marry *you*?
Elizabeth: [laughing] Perhaps he does not know enough English to perform the ceremony!

Lord Robert: For God's sake, you are still my Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: I am not your Elizabeth. I am no man's Elizabeth. And if you think to rule, you are mistaken.
Elizabeth: [to all]
Elizabeth: I will have one mistress here... and no master.

"Elizabeth R: The Marriage Game (#1.2)" (1971)
Robert Dudley: When you were 8 years old, you told me you would never marry. I did not believe you.
Queen Elizabeth I: You have forgotten what happened when I was 8 years old.
Robert Dudley: Catherine Howard?
Queen Elizabeth I: She was always kind to me. More like a sister than a stepmother. She tried to reach my father to beg for her life... but they wouldn't let her speak to him. He was her husband, but they wouldn't let her speak to him. They dragged her away, and then they cut off her head. I learned then how dangerous life was.
Robert Dudley: You and I both know what it is to have an axe fall very close to our own heads... and yet to LIVE!
Queen Elizabeth I: But never to live SAFELY again.
Robert Dudley: Yielding can bring a kind of safety. You would learn that on our wedding night.
Queen Elizabeth I: As my mother did?
Robert Dudley: Elizabeth!
Queen Elizabeth I: As I am now, I owe my life to no man's goodwill. Except the goodwill of the people... and I have always known how to keep that.