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Carmen (Character)
from ¡Three Amigos! (1986)

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¡Three Amigos! (1986)
Juanita: Which one do you like?
Carmen: I like the one that's not so smart.
Juanita: Which one is that?

Dusty Bottoms: Time for plan B. Plan A was to break into El Guapo's fortress.
Carmen: And that you have done, now what?
Dusty Bottoms: Well we really dont have a plan B. We didn't expect for the first plan to work. Sometimes you can overplan these things.

Conchita: [El Guapo has kidnapped Carmen and taken her to his fortress] Carmen, tonight you are to be El Guapo's woman. I am going to give you some hints about lovemaking with El Guapo.
Carmen: I would rather die first!
Conchita: Tell me, Carmen, do you know what foreplay is?
Carmen: [Carmen shakes her head, trembling slightly with fear] No...
Conchita: Good! Neither does El Guapo.

Rodrigo, Carmen: [Carmen and Rodrigo have entered the telegraph's office to send a telegram to the Three Amigos to enlist their help with El Guapo] Three Amigos, Goldsmith Pictures, Hollywood California...
Telegrapher: [nods as he is typing]
Carmen: We have seen your deeds, and think you are very great.
Telegrapher: seen your deeds...
[continues typing]
Carmen: We can pay you... One Hundred Thousand Pesos.
Rodrigo: One Hundred Thousand Pesos?
[telegrapher stops typing]
Rodrigo: We do not have a hundred thousand pesos!
Carmen: Don't worry Rodrigo, they will refuse it. But it would be an insult, not to offer it to them.
Telegrapher: [nods head, continues to type]
Carmen: One Hundred Thousand Pesos, if you come to Santo Poco, and put on a show of your strength, and stop the... the...
Rodrigo: Evil! Murdering!...
Carmen: Villaneous, El Guapo. So that once again, we can be, a peaceful village.
Telegrapher: [nods as he finishes typing] Whew.
[wipes his brow, grabs a pencil and counts the words to determine the price]
Telegrapher: 23 pesos.
[he smiles]
Carmen: [looks to Rodrigo. Rodrigo looks at the cash, looks back to Carmen and shakes his head no] We only have... ten.
Telegrapher: Hm. Okay, I give you the ten peso version!
[begins to mark through some of the words]
Telegrapher: You are very great! One Hundred Thousand Pesos, if you come to Santo Poco, put on show, stop the...
[looks at the telegram, then looks up in thought, then back to Carmen]
Telegrapher: I put, infamous, El Guapo!
Carmen: Infamous?
Telegrapher: Si'!
[Spanish for "yes"]
Telegrapher: ! It means, evil, murdering, all like you said! And it will save you money!
Carmen: Oh, thank you!
Telegrapher: Com'o no!
[Spanish for "of course". He begins to enter the message via morse code to its destination]
Telegrapher: .