Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon
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Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon (Character)
from Khartoum (1966)

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Khartoum (1966)
Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: Every man has a final weapon: his own life. If he's afraid to lose it he throws the weapon away.

Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: Colonel, what are the chances of my sacking you as my aide?
Col. J.D.H. Stewart: If any exist General, please be assured that I'd be the first to point them out to you.

Col. J.D.H. Stewart: Why did you let them talk you into this mission?
Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: As is well know, I, ah..regard myself as a religious man, yet I belong to no church. I'm an able soldier yet I abhor armies. I can even add that I've been introduced to hundreds of women but never married. in other words no one's ever talked me into anything.

Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: If my life has a single point, it's this: I've learned to be unafraid of death but never to be unafraid of failure.

Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: If you, as a servant of your god, must use one hundred thousand warriors to destroy me, a solitary servant of my God, then you whisper to me Muhammed Ahmed: who will be remembered from Khartoum, your god or Mine?

Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: [patting his camel in goodbye] So we ride beneath no more desert stars, then. Ah, all things must end.

Zobeir Pasha: [disbelieving] The General will defend me. The great Christian hero will defend Zobeir the slaver.
Zobeir Pasha: Before I receive my country from your bloody hands, I shall see it die. You killed my son!
Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: I executed him.
Zobeir Pasha: Do you have sons, Gordon Pasha? Do you have sons? No! You killed mine!
Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: God forgive me, Zobeir but let the dead bury their dead.
Zobeir Pasha: You killed my flesh, my blood, my Suleiman! Get thee from my house and may ye die in the desert untended! May vultures consume thy flesh, sands thy blood!

The Mahdi: [removes a head from a large pot] Is it the Englishman whose name was Frank Power?
[removes another head from a second pot]
The Mahdi: Is it the Frenchman whose name was Herbin?
[places a severed arm and hand in Gordon's hands]
The Mahdi: Is it not your own ring?
Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon: [stares horrified]